Cutting Through Alan Watt’s Bourgeois Mind-Set


This gentleman – the Scottish-Canadian Alan Watt – is not to be confused with the British philosopher Alan Watts (1915-1973) whom I have written about elsewhere on this blog. Alan Watt is a ‘free-thinker’ of considerable intellect and ability, who uses the internet to perpetuate his particular brand of ‘conspiracy theory’. As I have noted in other articles debunking and deconstructing various aspect of many conspiracy theories, much of this genre is in the service of the Judeo-Christian tradition (in both its old religious and new secular manifestations), and the bourgeois, capitalist State. In my opinion, the work of Alan Watt is no different, despite his obvious charisma and ability to tell a good story. He makes the cardinal error of unquestioningly following the post-WWII US (Cold War) rhetoric of falsely equating Scientific Socialism (i.e. ‘Communism’) with that of Hitlerite fascism (i.e. ‘Nazism’ and ‘neo-Nazism’). Like virtually all of these kinds of self-proclaimed ‘one man revolutions’, Alan Watt perpetuates the Trotskyite agenda of misrepresenting and misappropriating the work of Karl Marx, in a deliberate attempt to sully the correct thinking of the working class, and ultimately prevent a truly ‘Socialist’ Revolution. He does this by misrepresenting bourgeois liberal (and ‘capitalist’) democracy in the West, as being a combination of fascist AND Socialist control of society. Although it is true that capitalism and fascism are two-sides of the same coin – other than in Cuba – there has never been any successful ‘Socialist’ Revolution in the West that has succeeded in over-throwing the capitalist system. This means that in Europe (and the US) the workers have never succeeded in taking control of the means of production. As the workers have never taken control of the means of production in any Western country, Alan Watt is incorrect in assuming that (Western) local and regional socio-economic and political organisation is ‘Socialist’ in nature. Following the Trotskyite habit of striving to bring-down all Soviet-style Marxist-Leninist thinking, Alan Watt falsely teaches that the oppression of ‘fascism’ is exactly the same as the ‘freedom’ of Scientific Socialism. Whilst claiming that his insight emerges from being well-read, he nevertheless fails to understand that many agencies of social organisation and social control have emerged historically from medieval (ecclesiastical) structures, perpetuated at a time when the feudal Church and monarchial State went hand in glove with one another, and conspired to oppress and direct the masses into acceptable directions of behaviour and activity. Alan Watt is just another peddlar of ‘bourgeois’ individualism with poorly defined anarchist tendencies. He has built-up a large collection of videos and podcasts propagating his particular bourgeois nonsense – even at one point depicting Black Rap music as a ‘conspiracy’ – whilst completely ignoring the obvious ‘anti-racist’ nature of much of its essential content. Like many of his ilk, his thinking is scattered and unfocused, flipping from one subject to another with no real connecting theme (other than denigrating Socialism).

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