Free Catalonia – Down with Fascist Spain and the EU


The mainstream media in Europe nolonger objectively reports the news, but in fact ‘fabricates’ a preferred version of events that invariably supports an a priori rightwing atatus quo. This is nothing but an institutionalised ‘spin‘ upon current events that strives to present a racist, homophonic, mysogynistic, fascistic and inherently anti-working class agenda as being its exact opposite. The Tory and LibDem murdering of the disabled and the poor in the UK through ‘Austerity’ is packaged as ‘freedom’, whilst Europe’s support for neo-Nazism in the Ukraine is presented as ‘self-determinattion’. Another issue that is more or less not allowed to be broadcast is the true extent of anti-EU demonstrations and violence throughout Europe, and the extent of working class hatred for the EU that exists at the grass-roots level. This is a pan-European working class discontent that the bourgeoius powers that be do not want advertised or encouraged through media coverage. This is because the EU is an ‘anti-Socialist’ expermient that emerged out of US anti-Soviet (Cold War) ideology, the sole purpose of which is nothing less than the eradication of working class consciousness througout the European Union (EU). This why opposing the EU is a working class duty that must be pursued until the fascistic EU is brought-down through people power. The good people of Catalonia have been protesting against the EU recently, only to be treated with a fascist discontent by the pro-EU (bourgeois) Spanish Authorities. When Firemen formed a protective ring around ordinary Catalinian people trying to democratically ‘vote’ to leave Spain and the EU – the Spanish police firstly attacked the Firemen before the attacking ordinary Catalonian men, women and children. George Orwell – as a well-known Torotskyite – would surely have approved of this treatment, as during the Spanish Civil War, he joined a Trotskyite militia whose sole purpose was to assist the fascists (under Franco) to defeat the Marxist-Leninist International Brigades supported by the Soviet Union. Away with the fascist EU, fascist Spain, fascist Orwell and fascist Trotsky!

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