How the Bourgeois State Usurped Socialist Education Methods in the UK


It is interesting how the capitalist system will steal Socialist educational methods if a profit can be made by selling them! Socialist education methods are designed to be deployed ‘free’ throughout the country – and not ‘sold’ to those who are already privileged within society. Free and good quality education is a right for all working class people, and working class children should be treated with respect and compassion when they go to school. Then, these children will grow-up to be respectful and compassionate toward others! Of course, if the working class could be ‘transformed’ in this manner, then the bourgeoisie would lose its control over capitalist society – and so Socialist education must be ‘stolen’ from the workers and never allowed to succeed. In the 1970’s in the UK, Labour controlled Local Education Authorities tried a number of different and progressive ways to educate children – usually ideas derived from progressive Socialist thinkers. At the time, the bourgeois establishment and its rightwing media attacked these ideas as emerging from the ‘loony left’ – and potentially damaging to the minds of youngsters. Like in the USSR and Communist China – Labour Authorities sought to break with the principles of elitist education (that were not in the class interests of the workers), and develop an entirely ‘new’ way of educating the masses premised upon scientific research and experience. In a bizarre turn-around, particularly in the bourgeois area within which I live, I have noticed how certain ‘academies’ are now routinely using what were once considered ‘progressive’ and ‘Socialist’ education methods – methods that put the well-being, confidence and learning experience of the child at the fore-front of all developmental learning strategies – whilst abandoning the stark and often brutal tenants of Social Darwinism (still practised in the elitist schools through the traditional methods of education). These progressive methods create a healthy and incentive-based environment, within which what the child thinks and feels is taken into account and valued. The irony is that even some ‘private’ schools in my area are applying these progressive methods – but at no time are the ‘Socialist’ origins of these methods acknowledged or discussed. This is a clear case of the bourgeois, capitalist system usurping Socialist education methods and using them for its own ends (i.e. to make profit), simply because they work. The difference today is that it is the elitist academies and private schools that are deploying these progressive methods – and as these entities fully support the capitalist system – the mainstream press nolonger refer to this exercise as deriving from the ‘loony left’.

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