London’s Acid Attacks – A Typical Rightwing Offensive


About ten years ago, myself and my partner Gee were walking through New Malden – an area known for its high density affluent South Koreans – situated between Sutton and Kingston-Upon-Thames in South-West London. We got to know about this community through our children, who mixed with South Korean children at local schools. New Malden is clean and tidy, with the (primarily ‘Christian’) South Korean community linked to the car industry. These families are wealthy and are allowed to ‘temporarily’ enter the UK for work, whilst signing away their right to the British Benefit System, and free medical treatment through the NHS. When their contracts are finished, generally speaking, these families return to South Korea. I am told that there are around 10,000 South Koreans living in and around New Malden, and that this is the largest population of South Koreans outside of Korea. Gee and myself were walking down the road hand-in-hand at about 7pm in the winter months, when a car slowed down, and a young White man wearing a balaclava leant out of the window with a gun in his hand – pointing it a us. Before I could react, the trigger was pulled and a jet of liquid (which turned-out to be water) hit me in the eyes, and my partner across her upper-body. The car then sped-off before we could take-down the registration number. We think that we were mistakenly targeted as a mixed-ethnicity couple of English-Korean origination – and that White racists were ‘practising’ a new type of deadly racist attack – but at this point using only water instead of acid.

Having studied and actively opposed fascist movements for years – I know that the more sophisticated offensives against internationalism and inter-community friendships are perfected over-time, so as to enhance their fearful effectiveness and terrorist impact upon sociey. Last night, two White thugs used a motorbike and acid to attack a number of people in Hackney and Islington that they thought were ‘Muslim’. These victims of the most worst type of racism were not hit with water – but rather with an acid that burnt into their eyes and face. These attacks have been quite intensive of late, in London, but I suspect that they have been happening everywhere at a low intensity for years. The White racist groups that perpetuate this kind of fascist crime are comprised of White middle class over-lords who live in opulence somewhere in leafy Surrey or Kent – but the fascist foot soldiers that carry-out the orders are generally ignorant working class men and women, who lack self=respect and a basic education, and who are easily led down the wrong path of criminal activity. It is these ignorant foot soldiers that carry-out these illegal and murderous acid attacks, and whom are sometimes shot dead by armed police, or arrested, charged, found guilty and eventually sent to prison. Fascism has absolutely nothing to offer the oppressed working class. The international working class is comprised of all the oppressed peoples in the world, and it is exactly this diverse working class that must unite against fascism and its inherent racism! Hatred as a political policy, is an attack on us all! This is why we as workers must oppose all types of fascism, and protect one another from racist terrorism!

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