Mei-An’s Graduation from Red Class (10.7.2017)


In the scorching sunshine – the parents of around 30 children queued-up outside the ‘Red Gate’ that leads to ‘Red Class’ of the Reception Year. It only seems like yesterday that we all took our 4 year old children to look round the school in Cheam – but today, with nearly one academic year completed, all the children have turned ‘5’ and have developed beyond recognition! Cheam Park Farm is an ‘academy’ today, but unlike most other academies in different parts of the UK, it has retained its earlier educational efficiency. Hopefully, in the future, these academies will revert to being ‘Schools’ under full ‘State’ control and out of the hands of the private businesses that currently ‘monetarise’ our children’s education. However, the staff at Cheam Park Farm have been disciplined but compassionate, and as a consequence, my 5 year old daughter – Mei-An – can now read and write, hold civilised conversations, and apply herself to problem solving and working-out basic science. As both myself and Gee – my partner – are Socialists, we are determined that our children will grow-up ‘free’ of tyranny and oppression, be good human-beings, and progress science and society!

Mei-An Grad cert





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