Re-Enacting a Classic Chinese Poster!

aaa watermelon baby

When China freed herself from Western imperialist aggression in 1949, Mao Zedong and the Communist Party of China (CPC) embarked upon a radical transformation of Chinese society, seeking to eradicate the ignorance of feudalism and the oppression and violence associated with class oppression. This meant experimentation in many new ways of organisation agriculture and sharing food. Contrary to the lies still printed in the Western media, life improved immeasurably once the forces of Western capitalism were thrown-out of China, and the Chinese people stood-up for themselves! The above poster was generated in 1983 and is entitled ‘The Big Water Melon’ (created by Zheng Xuexin), and is designed to portray how affluent China has become, and how healthy Chinese children are today! We think our youngest daughter – Kai-Lin – looks remarkably like the baby in this picture – so we went to the supermarket and purchased a water melon for an attempted ‘re-enactment’. The following pictures are the result:








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