Down With Winston Churchill – Racist, Fascist Sympathiser and Mass Murderer!


The pro-Winston Churchill propaganda that exists throughout British society has to stop. He was an ardent racist and had derogatory attitudes toward the Working Class – whom he twice herded into World Wars. In the 1930’s, he wrote glowingly about Adolf Hitler, expressing that the British Working Class should be controlled through fascistic forms of governance, and whilst that very same Working Class was being bombed by the Luftwaffe – Churchill lived in a luxurious bomb-proof bunker under Whitehall drinking champagne, eating caviare and puffing on Cuban cigars! As WWII came to a close, Winston Churchill campaigned on an anti-Socialist ticket – opposing the Labour Party plans to bring in a comprehensive Welfare System and National Health Service – stating that the Working Class (that had died for his middle class values en masse) did not deserve ‘something for nothing’, and should be compelled to work through the threat o starvation. Furthermore, whilst allying himself with the Soviet Union – and encouraging that country to expend the lives of its men and women soldiers in their millions fighting Nazi Germany – recently de-classified papers reveal that Churchill actively worked behind the scenes (together with the US President) to bring-down the Soviet Union at the earliest possible time following the defeat of Hitler, (thus cultivating the roots of the Cold War even before WWII had come to an end). Meanwhile, whilst in India, the British Army (fending off a concerted Japanese invasion) had stripped the countryside around Bengal of all its food (to feed the troops) at Churchill’s orders in 1943, an act which led to a famine that killed around 2 million Indian people. In reality, Winston Churchill was not a hero, but he is continuously presented as such by a British middle class establishment that thinks it sees an idealised version of itself in his behaviour. The bourgeoisie is indeed seeing itself in Churchill’s behaviour – but fails to recognise that this is a horrific image of their own racism, narrow-mindedness, greed and disregard for the suffering of others. Winston Churchill was a pompous incarnation of the bourgeoisie who sat safely at home during WWII, reading speeches written by others (always taking credit for their content), whilst the war was fought and won by the British Working Class. No – Winston Churchill is definitely not a person I would want my children to idolise and follow as an example.

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