How Xu Xiaodong (徐晓冬) Encouraged Western racism

Fake Shaolin Monks Rounded-Up & Processed 

Wherever ‘fake’ Shaolin or Daoist monks are discovered misleading and exploiting the people, the Chinese police arrest and process these individuals as ‘criminals’. This has not always been as easy as it sounds, as some of these groups specialise in martial arts practice, and ‘charge’ money to a generally gullible audience, many of whom believe these monks to be legitimate, and on a mission from their respective temples. Specially trained police officers who have mastered unarmed combat are sent in to deal with these criminals. Daoist and Buddhist monks are required by Chinese secular law to be properly ordained, and to follow their respective rules of discipline to the letter, or face the legal consequence. It is illegal, therefore, to ‘impersonate’ a Buddhist or Daoist monk (offence 1), and to charge money for martial arts displays in the street (offence 2), which is viewed as ‘fraud’. Any other number of charges can follow depending upon the circumstance or severity of the situation. Generally speaking, prison sentences and fines are applied. The Chinese legal system is strict on this matter, because Chinese citizens are required to behave with decorum and respect not only toward the modern law, but also with regard to certain elements of tradition that are thought to be useful for the development and maintenance of modern Chinese culture.

The notion of ‘Mixed Martial Arts’ (MMA) is foreign and has nothing to do with Chinese culture – either ancient or modern. MMA has grown out of Western wrestling and boxing, and has been mixed with various aspects of different Asian martial arts (the assumption being that they are ‘all the same’) that have generally been superficially studied in the West, and misunderstood before being applied. This superficial study of Asian martial arts is premised upon Western racist attitudes that depict Asians as racially inferior. All else follows from this foundational assumption, layering error upon error until the Asian martial arts involved within MMA became a parody of their former selves. All round martial training is something quite different in China, and does not involve Lycra leotards and rolling around on a padded floor in one on one fights – as is the case with Western MMA. On the contrary, the Chinese police that train in traditional Chinese martial arts, are trained to fight unarmed or armed, and in any situation, as are those who train in the Chinese military. This is also the case with Daoist and Shaolin monks, but without the reference to modern weaponry. The point of this kind of training is to disarm and/or ‘maim’ or ‘kill’ the opponent, and not fight for ‘points’ or ‘submissions’. Typical techniques include ear ripping, nose ripping, eye-strikes, strikes to the throat, blows to the groin and bone breaking, as well as damaging internal organs. None of this requires a referee or a book of rules.

The MMA that Xu Xiaodong represents in China is a foreign pollutant in an otherwise glorious traditional martial arts culture. The purpose of traditional Chinese martial arts is multifaceted and has no relationship with the limited notion of a narrow and egotistical sport, that most practitioners cannot participate in much beyond 30 years old. As young people quite often like to fight, this is not a problem in China, as traditional martial arts spar without safety padding, but should individuals like to participate in a ‘sport’, there is always modern ‘Sanda’ which does use pads and pursues narrow and egotistical objectives. In China it is well-known that Western MMA does not work on the battlefield – end of story. As a martial activity it is pointless for health, and does not encourage longevity. As a martial technique, whilst rolling on the ground focusing on a single opponent, other enemy soldiers will kill you without a second thought. No – Western MMA is nothing but a dumbing down of Chinese martial arts and should not be pursued. Xu Xiaodong and his childish antics have been greeted with loud applause amongst the predominantly young White males that dominate the MMA sport, appearing to confirm in their ignorant minds, that all their racial prejudices held against China are real and substantiated. What they do not tell you is that whenever a Western MMA fighter picks a fight in China, he is always beaten without fail, and there has never been a Westerner ever prevail in a fight in that country.

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