Tories to ‘Re-Legalise’ Fox-Hunting! (2017)


May says she will hold free vote on allowing foxhunting if elected

Although neo-Con Tony Blair ‘banned’ fox-hunting (a minority blood-sport which sees a pack of starving dogs chase – and then rip an exhausted fox to pieces – pursued by a load of parasitic toffs on horse-back), there was much resistance from the bourgeoisie, and of course, the British police continuously failed to prevent ‘illegal’ fox-hunting from taking place (primarily because many senior officers partook in this activity, and the fact that the police exist to protect the middle class from the working class). In fact, when hunt saboteur groups gathered to prevent this ‘illegal’ hunting, they found themselves the victims of the very same police force that was failing in its duty to enforce UK Law. This is a clear case of the British police deliberately ‘refusing’ to enforce the law that had ‘banned’ fox-hunting, and siding with the very privileged middle class the ban affected. Ordinary working class people were arrested and imprisoned on trumped-up charges for trying to enforce the fox-hunting ban, whilst the police ensured that wherever possible, these now ‘illegal’ fox-hunts continued (on open land) without the inconvenience of British legislation interfering with the day’s activities. As soon as David Cameron was elected in 2010, bizarre ‘anti-fox’ stories started unquestionably appearing throughout the British media and press. Virtually all were non-substantiated, and ranged between false and improbable stories of London Boroughs ‘over-run’ with aggressive fox packs, to foxes attempting to kidnap sleeping children from their beds! This Tory tactic was an obvious attempt by the middle class to bring-back fox-hunting, but for various logistical reasons, this plan was not fully enacted at the time. This is because the Tories (and their LibDem lapdogs) had bigger fish to fry, formulating legislation to privatise the NHS and abolished the Welfare System. Having lost the vote to ‘stay-in’ the EU, Theresa May now thinks the time is right to bring-back fox-hunting – a blood-sport that never really left the British countryside due to the police refusing to enforce its ban.

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