British Socialist Victor Grayson Missing Since 1920


Victor Grayson was born in Liverpool in 1881 and has been missing since 1920. He was a British Socialist who won the Colne Valley (West Yorkshire) by-election in 1907, and served as a Socialist MP in the UK Parliament, until he lost his seat in the 1910 General Election. He gained such notoriety through his lecturing and outspoken views, that he attracted the attention of VI Lenin in 1913 (who that thought him fiery in speech, but lacking in sound Socialist principle). Whilst an MP (representing the Independent Labour Party) he developed a alcohol problem and rarely attended Parliament to represent his constituency, and during 1913, he suffered a psychological breakdown. Unlike many Socialists of his day, he actively campaigned for working class British men to support any war Britain might be involved in, and join the armed forces. Curiously, the British government and police (after 1917) suspected Victor Grayson of being a spy for Communist Russia, and/or a supporter of the Socialist Irish Republican Army. He went missing without a trace in 1920, just before he was about to expose Prime Minister David Lloyd George for selling honours for between £10,000 to £40,000 each. He (or his body) has never been found, and it is thought that the British government had him murdered to keep him quiet.

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  1. Hi. Enjoyed reading this. You say Grayson was suspected of being a soviet spy from 1917? What happened in this period that brought him onto the radar of Mi5?

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