Neo-Nazism in Israel


Many Jewish people around the world reject Zionism and the notion that the Jewish people should have a separate country. One rabbi stated that the concept of Israel is a blasphemy against god – simply because god chose to scatter the Jewish people across the world. This attitude would imply that the Jewish diaspora is god’s will. (By the term ‘god’, I do of course mean ‘Yahweh’ – the god of Abraham). Many Jewish organisations premise their existence upon the opposition in principle to a Jewish State and its sustaining philosophy of Zionism, which is viewed as non-Jewish in origin, and thoroughly racist in nature. The Jews that oppose Israel are the very people whose ancestors have been maligned, abused and persecuted in numerous European pogroms over the last thousand years or so. These people do not react to the most vilest of prejudice and discrimination with a far-right rhetoric that is just as destructive as the hatred levelled at them. This surely is to their credit, as they do not demean the theology of their religion by embracing a modified version of the hatred aimed at them.


I am not Jewish, nor am I Palestinian, but as a Marxist-Leninist I oppose all forms of fascism and neo-Nazism, and I find the State of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people to be atrocious, and genocidal. When my family marched through London a few years ago, protesting the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, the only people we felt threatened by, was the Zionist Israelis themselves, who appeared committed to attacking a lawful and peaceful protest in the UK. When Zionist Jews ‘punched’ British protesters in the face – the British police pushed the Zionists away – but did not arrest them for the obvious crime of ‘assault’. However, it was made clear to us that if any British person ‘defended’ themselves against these attacks, they would be arrested for ‘assault’ and ‘anti-Semitism’. I think that the international community treats the State of Israel in exactly the same manner, and lets its police and military forces routinely flout international law, often killing and maiming innocent Palestinians and their non-Palestinian supporters. Of course, Jews that protest Zionism in Israel often disappear for years on end into the Israeli prison system, with all legal attempts to contact them illegally blocked.


Zionism as a political ideology does not emerge from Jewish theology, and in fact has nothing to do with Jewish scripture. This is because Zionism developed in the 19th century, and was very much part of the White Supremacy movement linked to European colonialism and imperialism. This was based upon a skewed interpretation of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, (Darwin rejected racism as illogical), and created the pseudo-science of ‘Social Darwinism’. Social Darwinism presented a false hierarchy of race, which obviously place the ‘White’ European race at the top of a descending ladder of ethnicities, supposedly divided by worth and declining racial fitness. The Jewish populations of Europe during the 19th century, very much viewed themselves as being an integrated part of the various White communities that comprise Europe. This led to some Jews, such as Theodor Herzl, Max Brod, Martin Buber and Elias Auerbach to mention just a few, propagating Jewish nationalist viewpoints and opinions – the basis of Zionism. One particular influence in the development of Zionism (i.e. Jewish White Supremacy) was Arthur de Gobineau, whose ideas about racial purity and racial inequality were published in the Zionist Die Welt (i.e. The World) newspaper (founded by Theodor Herzl to propagate Zionist racialist propaganda) in 1902. The intersection between Jewish Zionism and Hitlerite Nazism is clear to see here, as Gobineau invented the term ‘Aryan Race’, which was a key racial-marker in Hitler’s holocaust against Judaism. This information, and much more like it, influenced the United Nations in 1975 to declared Zionism to be a form of racism and discrimination.


The Palestinian people are Semitic by and large, and their religious affiliation runs from Jewish, Christian, Muslim and other faiths, with many being Communist, Socialist and atheist. However, due to their brown skin, ‘White’ Israel pursues a vicious war of racial annihilation against them. Just as Hitler justified every criminal act he performed as ‘self-defence’, so does the Israeli State. Every act of rape, child abuse, murder and maiming carried-out by Israeli soldiers is justified on the grounds of Israel ‘defending’ itself. Once this is understood and acknowledged, it is easier to understand how a neo-Nazi movement independent of the Jewish identity could develop in the Jewish State of Israel, a country where every young man and woman must undergo a period of Zionist re-education in the Israeli military. Just as Zionism emerged from White Supremacy in general, it is entirely logical to suggest that Zionism can regress into its White Supremacy foundation. This appears to have happened in around 2004, when Jewish migrants from the Ukraine organised themselves into neo-Nazi units and began carrying-out racial attacks against non-Whites living in Israel, and eventually against ultra-orthodox Jews. As the Soviet Union was an atheist State that viewed religion as being the product of primitive modes of human thought, its citizens underwent a secular scientific education designed to replace faith in an imagined theology, with that of a reliance upon logic and reason. The Ukraine, however, ever since the Nazi German occupation during WWII, has always festered with neo-Nazi sentiment, as it still does today. What the Western media does not explain is that Israel is a fascist State, and that it has been neo-Nazi Ukrainians that have caused all the trouble in Israel after migration. The assumption in the Western (and Israeli) media is that the USSR encouraged anti-Semitism, and this is why former Soviet citizens living in Israel do these things, but as usual, this inverted bourgeois mentality makes no logical sense. The Soviets lost between 30 – 40 million men, women and children during WWII fighting Nazi German fascists – at a time when White Jews in Palestine carried-out terrorist murders against British soldiers and Palestinians. The Zionist Jews in Palestine did nothing to contribute toward the defeat of Hitlerism, other than attack the very British forces that were protecting them from that German Nazism. Neo-Nazism exists in Israel as Zionism – this is a given fact – but what happened in the early 2000’s was the inevitable emergence of what might be termed ‘orthodox’ White Supremacy – the bedrock of Zionism. The problems that exist in modern Russia today stem entirely from the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and the mass importation of predatory capitalism. The West insisted that the political far-right be decriminalised and its adherents treated as expressing ‘freedom of speech’.

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  1. The Israeli people are collectively (and enthusiastically) responsible for the oppression of the Palestinians. My empathy is confined to the tiny minority who are genuinely appalled by what is done in their name and powerless to stop the insane, suicidal majority.


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