How Trump Won the US Presidency (2016)


Donald Trump is not unusual in the United States of America (USA). He is in all ways an exact manifestation of the socio-economic conditions that define free market capitalism in America. There is nothing unique about American capitalism, other than its complete lack of any form of Socialist counter-balance (in the liberal sense), to ‘soften’ the worst excesses of the poverty produced by that system. In Donald Trump’s case, he has benefited from every privilege associated with his ‘White’ ethnicity and his middle class – all gained not from a lifetime spent in hard labour, but simply because he inherited his father’s wealth. Donald Trump has spent a lifetime possessing huge amounts of money, acting in a racist manner, and sexually assaulting women in every conceivable manner. His political popularity grew out of the far-right ‘Tea Party’ movement which failed to stop Barak Obama from winning a second term as President in 2012. The myth that the ultra-right Tea Party propagated was that Barak Obama was at best a ‘Socialist’, and at worst a ‘Communist’ – neither of these assertions are true – but such unfounded statements have formed the basis for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, and directly led to his election. Barak Obama’s healthcare reform programme (i.e. ‘Obama-care’) was not ‘Socialist’ in any way, shape or form, but merely a capitalist compromise within a ruthless capitalist system. Barak Obama initiated the most ruthless anti-Russian racist campaign, and over-saw the neo-Nazification of the Ukraine and other Eastern European countries that border Russia. Obama also sat-back and did nothing as an epidemic of police murders of Black (and ethnic minorities) people swept the USA.

The Tea Party morphed into the ‘Alternative Right’ (i.e. ‘Alt Right’), which views Donald Trump very much as its ideological father. The Alt Right is nothing but the same old far-right re-packaged for the post-Obama generation. The Alt Right is racist, sexist, and discriminatory in every-way, and sees its history as lying very much with Adolf Hitler’s ‘National Socialism’ (i.e. ‘Nazism’). This type of fascism, as Lenin stated, is nothing other than capitalism in decay, with Donald Trump and his routine racism and infantile belief in conspiracy theories, being very much the ideal candidate for the White, racist masses that populate the USA. The far-right is allowed to exist within capitalist countries because of the disparity in education across the classes. The majority of people, being working class, are exactly the masses of people that ‘voted-in’ Donald Trump, and these are the people with the worst educational standards. They are susceptible to the mythology of the Judeo-Christian tradition, partial to the pseudo-science of conspiracy theory, and tend to blame the different racial and ethnic groups that comprise American society, for all the problems the working class face, but which are, in reality inflicted upon it by the middle class. The ‘White’ middle class has a love affair with racism because like an intoxicant, racism in the minds of the working class prevents ordinary people from perceiving reality correctly. Racism is dangerous and destructive, and throughout history has possessed the power to manoeuvre otherwise unelectable people with despicable personalities (and lack of morals) into political office.  The US system is a cesspool of educational deficiency, racism and extreme stupidity – this is why a man with no policies except racism, has been elected as its President. The video below is critical of Trump and lays-out the basic reasons why he was elected – but from a bourgeois centre-left perspective (whilst criticising Trump, the narration refers to Vladimir Putin as a ‘dictator’, when in fact he was democratically elected). This demonstrates the extent of US ignorance even when its supposed intellectuals are attempting a ‘corrective’ analysis of their own political culture:

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