IBM and the Nazi Holocaust

IBM is the Fore-Runner to the Internet-Control of Our Lives!

Evidence emerged in the early 2000’s (from the researcher Edwin Black), that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime was technologically assisted by the US business known as ‘International Business Machines’ (IBM) from at least 1933 (when Hitler came to power) until 1945. What must be understood is that there was much admiration for Adolf Hitler at the time across Europe and the US, that included many US business leaders, the British royal family, and of course, Winston Churchill. Hitler attracted a wide support from the international middle and upper classes, for the authoritarian manner in which he controlled the German working people, and appeared to initiate an economic miracle (albeit by preparing for all-out war, etc). Even in the earliest days of Hitler’s regime, the ubiquitous ‘Concentration Camps’ (named after their function of ‘concentrating’ large populations in small geographical area), were generally viewed by the Western powers as a necessary component for Hitler’s radical reorganisation of German society. This is because initially these camps dealt with the mass re-education of Germany’s unemployed, before the camps were empties through conscript into the German military.

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The camps were then transitioned into a much more sinister function – namely that of working to death, and/or the mass eradication of those Germans (and others) who were thought by Hitler (and his associates), to be ‘life unworthy of life’. It is now believed that without the US business IBM providing data-collating and data-calculating machines, (which included IBM issuing millions of unique identification numbers for all inmates tattooed on the arm), the Nazi regime would not have been able to have moved as effectively toward genocide as quickly as it did. The New York office of IBM operated its Nazi subsidiary directly out of occupied Poland – where its card-punching devices were used to regulate the Nazi mass round-up of Jews, ethic minorities, homosexuals, dissidents, Socialist, Communists and the Disabled, etc. IBM technology allowed Hitler to identify and track specific populations of what he termed ‘sub-humans’ across Europe, efficiently tag and round-up those populations, and efficiently ‘process’ these people through the Concentration Camp slaughter-houses. The numbers tattooed on the arms of Auschwitz prisoners were in fact their IBM registration numbers. It is believed that without the continuous help and assistance from the IBM offices in the US – Nazi Germany could not have pursued the holocaust in the efficient manner in which it did. Historical evidence suggests that the US firm IBM was complicit in mass murder, and that it continued to assist Nazi Germany in its hideous genocidal tasks, even after the US officially entered the war against Nazi Germany in 1941!


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