China: Falun Gong ‘Hijack’ TV Station


Original Chinese Language Article By: Xinhua News Agency (新华网)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

In an article dated the 17.4.2002, it was reported in China that a group of Falun Gong terrorists had recently initiated a plan of hijacking a cable TV channel in the Jilin province of China, to broadcast Falun Gong propaganda calling upon individuals to do the bidding of Li Hongzhi (the founder of the Falun Gong cult currently living in the US), and over-throw the government of China by encouraging the attacking and destruction of public property. Although this broadcast was soon closed-down and the Falun Gong criminals arrested (many reported by Chinese citizens), the import of the Falun Gong propaganda was premised upon an attempt to initiate ‘terrorist’ attacks throughout the province (and beyond). This campaign of terrorism, although broadcast from the Falun Gong, has its origination outside of China.

On the evening of March 5th, at precisely 19:19, some viewers in Changchun City area witnessed that the TV signal was suddenly interrupted, and replaced on-screen with propaganda images originating from the ‘Falun Gong’ cult. Local police were soon inundated with reports from concerned citizens, stating that the normal schedule of the cable TV channel had been usurped by Falun Gong terrorists. Under Chinese law, this type of action is illegal, and comes under legislation that deals with the destruction of property (which includes sabotage and the disruption of correct social function). Within hours of the incident, Changchun police had arrested a number of Falun Gong criminals including Liang Zhenxing (梁振兴), Zhou Runjun (周润君), and Liu Chengjun (刘成军)  – as well as nine other people.

The exact area effected was that of Qianguo County in Songyuan city, which experienced a sudden and unexpected break in transmission of scheduled TV, that was replaced with a bizarre and illogical Falun Gong cult broadcast, designed to sow disorder and confusion in the minds of the people. This type of feudalistic superstition cannot be allowed to disrupt the normal peaceful lives of Chinese citizens, and was promptly dealt with by police and cable TV employees. Falun Gong cult members had illegally gained access to the TV channel, and then damaged the broadcasting equipment to play their very poor quality DVDs featuring calls for terrorist acts to be carried-out in China. Many Chinese citizens expressed their outrage and concern about this Falun Gong criminal activity, and called for the severest of legal penalties to be applied to the perpetrators. On the day of this Falun Gong terrorist attack, the Changchun police had received a staggering 4655 from concerned citizens stating that they had seen illegal Falun Gong activity on the streets – this is a very high number of reports for an average day. During the incident itself and after – between 19:19 and 21:10 – the police received 1860 Falun Gong related complaints. It is through the vigilance of the Chinese people that keeps the Falun Gong criminality out of China, and the Chinese people safe.

This matter will be dealt with under Article 124 of the Chinese Criminal Law, which states that it is a grave offense to damage public property – regardless of the political motivation. An attack upon public property in China is considered a direct attack upon the Chinese people – and is dealt with accordingly. Within Jilin province, this crack-down on Falun Gong criminality has been very popular amongst the people – even amongst those who were previously brain-washed into following this corrupt fabrication. China will respond robustly to all external threats to its internal stability.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2017.

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