Evolution: the Weight of Evidence


Understanding evolutionary theory (through natural selection), is very much a matter of how the mind is conditioned to work. Judeo-Christian theology, at least since its embracing by the Roman State, has existed as a means of political organisation, social order, psychological control, and of temporal power. This deliberate use of the teachings of Jesus Christ must be viewed as separate and distinct from the intended meaning of the original philosophy of personal freedom existing within the construct of moral surrender to a theistic entity. Where Jesus surrendered to the god that he saw as real, the Christian State demands that its adherents surrender not directly to god, but rather to the Christian State itself. Surely, this is nothing more than human-beings being coerced to conform to a political vision imposed by others, that is falsely presented as other-worldly, whilst remaining fully in the material world. This is not to say that there is nothing useful or helpful contained within biblical teachings, but is rather stating that the views retained by many so-called Christians today, are nothing more than the trumpeting of the dictates of a Christian State – in either its Catholic or Protestant formats. This observation should not be taken to justify the extent of criminality that exists within these religious movements that has seen the death of millions over the last thousands years or so, or the epidemic of child sexual abuse that currently haunts the established church. Jesus the man would never have authorised or agreed with a politicised church that committed mass murder in his name, or tolerated priests or nuns that have sexually abused (and even killed) children in their care. My point here, is that the easily observable history of the modern church is generally treated with a collective amnesia – as if all the killing and hatred do not really matter just as long as the central myth of Jesus’s divine birth is held in place. Here lies the pathway of madness…

Whereas within Islam, a type of advanced and secular science grew-out of Quranic theology (and was even guided by it), secular science in the West emerged outside of Christian theology, with the re-discovery of progressive Greek philosophy during the Renaissance. As the politicised Christian church perceived this development as a ‘threat’ to its temporal power, it immediately adopted an antagonistic stance towards what can be described as the ‘logical’ thought associated with modern science. Whereas enlightened Islamic leaders encouraged and supported scientific study, their Christian counter-parts ordered pogroms of destruction and murder against all those who dared to speak-out in support of logical and rational thinking. This included Christian monks such as Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) – burned at the stake by order of the Vatican – for daring to entertain Copernican ideas of cosmology (suggesting that stars might be suns that had planets orbiting which might contain other life). It is a measure of the flawed logic of a politicised church that such progressive thinkers as Giordano Bruno remain ‘un-Sainted’ – whilst highly controversial figures, such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta – an arch Catholic imperialist that openly spread Catholic notions of Suffering around India was ‘Sainted’ in a relatively short-time after her death.

Today, there are two types of Christian; one which views modern (secular) academia as being from the devil and refuses to engage with it, whilst the other takes the time to study secular science (and learn all its protocols) as a means to ‘disprove’ Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution through natural selection. However, the latter type does not just strive to disprove evolution, but simultaneously ‘prove’ creationism as propounded within the Judeo-Christian bible. In my view this is the misuse of secular academia, and is the product of primitive and superstitious thinking. The bible is a collection of disparate texts assembled over a long period of time, in no particular order or logic. The dichotomy between Judaism and Christianity offer yet another (and often contradictory) confusion in the constituent texts. The bible is a book assembled by men, and altered and changed many times to suit various existential socio-economic and political situations. For prime examples of politicised church editing of the bible, see the ample texts preserved within the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Library, etc. Modern Christian academics that pursue the destruction of Darwinism, assume that the bible is a complete and pristine vision of the universe, its development and its functionality, when in fact it is merely a collection of incoherent and disconnected texts written at very different times, for vastly different reasons. Of course, one underlying reality to these texts, is the assumption that ‘god’ exists, and that ‘he’ created the universe by an act of divine will, and so on and so forth.

No matter what the bible says, it is not a logical or rational theory in the secular, scientific sense. It presumes the existence of a divine entity, and limits all debate to accepting this idea (whilst not being able to provide a shed of truth for it). The bible theory is regressive (because it is always pointing backwards to a divine origin), and is ‘anti-intellectual’ in essence. If the bible is taken as the ‘answer’ to all possible questions, then there is no need for the human intellect to a) exist, and b) be used to ‘think’ about reality. In this regard, the ‘religious’ organisation of the mind is self-limiting, and prevents any development of science. This is because despite its name, ‘theology’ (i.e. the ‘science of the divine’), is in fact nothing more than a collection of unproven ‘dogmatic’ beliefs – there is nothing ‘scientific’ about it at all. Therefore the theological argument cannot be truthfully used to attack secular science, as it has no basis in progressive thought. Creationists that participate within the world of modern science, do so in an attempt to prove Darwin wrong, but this ambition reveals an error in their thinking. Darwinism is a product of secular logic and reason divorced from theological speculation. At the current time, the weight of evidence is definitely toward the confirmation that Darwin was right. For Darwinism to be proven ‘wrong’, a cogent argument premised upon secular logic and reason would have to be developed, that involved the indisputable collection of empirical evidence that would suggest that Darwin was wrong – the dogma of theology does not meet this format. Furthermore, I am of the opinion that creationists are not interested in secular logic and reason, and not dedicated to furthering science. Their objective in attacking Darwin is simply to ‘remove’ the scientific edifice that is evolutionary science, so that the politicised Christian church can once again theologically dominate the world in a new era of intellectual darkness.

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