FBI: Falun Gong & Immigration Fraud


‘During an investigation conducted by the FBI in the USA during 2012-2013, it was revealed that many alleged cases of persecution (of dissidents) in China (including Falun Gong adherents, China Democratic Party members, and Christians) had been falsified in order to illegally obtain Visas for unlawful Chinese migration to the United States, in attempts to secure false Residence Permits and unwarranted preferential “Refugee” statuses. As a result of this FBI investigation, 28 people (mostly Chinese-born Americans) were arrested on charges of “conspiracy to commit immigration fraud”, including 21 lawyers from law firms in New York. The number of fraudulent applications made by these law firms involving false allegations of persecution by Falun Gong, Chinese Democrats and Christians amount to 1,900 for a specific (recent) time period.’

Russian Wikipage – Фалуньгун

Arguably the greatest success of Eurocentric racism against China and Chinese people, is the successful importation of that racism into the minds of diasporic Chinese people who willingly assist the Western project of demonising China from the deluded perspective of the Judeo-Christian theological position. Of course, this racism masquerades as ‘anti-Communism’, and this is the veneer that American-born Chinese people hide behind, whilst applying the auspices of White racism against their fellow ethnic brothers and sisters. This type of person is no doubt, the lowest form of human-being that actively engages in the destruction of its own distinct ethnicity, as a means to ensure the dominance of a virulent ‘White’ racism. The Falun Gong is one such collection of individuals that emerged out of US interference in internal Chinese affairs. As an obvious distortion of traditional Chinese cultural values, it is evident that its misunderstanding of Chinese culture has emerged from an ignorant Western mind-set, and been given a Chinese front-man in the form of Falun Gong’s apparent founder Li Hongzhi who was spirited away to the USA in 1997 – abandoning a small group of gullible Chinese people that he tasked with setting fire to themselves and deliberately breaking the law by advocating the over-throw of the ‘sovereign’ government of China (an offense under International Law). Li Hongzhi is under continuous CIA protection and receives a free house and income from the US government (paid for by US tax-payers). In the meantime, whilst millions starve in the US due to Obama’s cuts and Trump’s indifference to poverty, Falun Gong practitioners live in affluent areas, drive the best cars, and employ ‘servants’ as a means to enhance their lavish lifestyles. When examined closely, none of the prominent Falun Gong practitioners (including Li Hongzhi) have any visible employment or observable means of income. Other than US government hand-outs (the very Socialism Falun Gong opposes in China), it is apparent that illegality forms a greater part of Falun Gong income in the US (and throughout the West).

A lucrative part of this income involves the brain-washing of individual Falun Gong cult members to hand-over their earnings, savings and property to Li Hongzhi, but probably a far more lucrative means of illegal income is that of wide-spread immigration fraud, whereby gullible people in China (and other parts of Asia) are promised unimaginable riches in the West – providing they can pay the Falun Gong people smugglers the tens of thousands of dollars required to pack a hundred people or more into the back of a dark and stinking lorry for weeks of suffering, suffering that more often than not ends in death for those stupid enough to trust the Falun Gong. Another method is to purchase a plane ticket for the US and immediately ‘lie’, stating that China is oppressing the Falun Gong and carry-out untrue policies of organ transplant. The FBI in the US has looked into these allegations and the findings of its investigation has revealed a sophisticated Falun Gong operation that uses the false-front of ‘persecution’ to gain immigration Visas for criminally minded Chinese citizens. The government of China would never allow law-abiding Chinese citizens to behave in this manner, and this fact demonstrates the depths of depravity that form the Falun Gong as a dangerous cult. Despite the FBI’s findings, and the fact that many American-born Chinese members were imprisoned for immigration fraud, the Falun Gong is allowed to continue to function in the West, recruiting the vulnerable and the easily-led. Be aware of this despicable group and strive to expose its lies at every opportunity. The Falun Gong does not represent traditional Chinese culture, or, for that matter, the legitimate Chinese people – the majority of whom completely and thoroughly ‘reject’ the Falun Gong in China.

English Language Reference:

Asylum Fraud in Chinatown: An Industry of Lies

A Chinese woman walked into a law office in New York’s Chinatown and asked to see her lawyer. She had applied for asylum, claiming that she had been forced to get an abortion in China to comply with the country’s family-planning laws, and she was anxious about her coming interview with immigration officials.

She had good reason to be worried: Her claim, invented by her lawyer’s associates, was false.

But the lawyer, John Wang, told her to relax. The process, he said, was straightforward, and as long as she memorized a few details, everything would be fine. “You are making yourself nervous,” he said in Mandarin. “All you would be asked is the same few rubbish questions.”

“Just make it up,” the lawyer added.

Russian Language Reference:


В ходе расследования, проведённого ФБР США в 2012—2013 годах, выяснилось, что многие случаи преследования инакомыслящих в Китае (в том числе сторонников Фалуньгун, Демократической партии Китая, христиан) были сфальсифицированы с целью получения китайскими мигрантами в США вида на жительство и льготного статуса «беженца».

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