Falun Gong: Anti-Science & Learning


‘The founder of Falun Gong – Li Hongzhi – has declared that the academic (secular-derived) knowledge of Science, Nature and Society, is completely erroneous, and the product of a deluded way of understanding reality, when compared to his own pristine understanding. Li Hongzhi has stated in public many times that (secular) knowledge is a blasphemy when compared to the genuine divine wisdom that he possesses (as the only representative on earth of enlightened and divine sages that abide in heaven). Li Hongzhi further states that the teachings of Falun Gong must never be questioned or doubted – as secular knowledge of any kind will lead to the permanent ‘fall of mankind.’

Russian Wikipage – Фалуньгун

The fallacious Falun Gong bears all the hallmarks of a CIA psychological operation (similar to the Pro-Tibetan Movement), that seeks to ‘disinform’ at the point of contact, and advocate the lowest possible level of anti-intellectualism at source. The Falun Gong movement takes advantage of the general lack of genuine understanding in the West of traditional Chinese culture related to medicine and martial arts practice, and modern China which is modernising through the auspices of Marxist-Leninism-Maoism. As Westerners in general do not understand either of these aspects of Chinese identity, their minds are ripe for a CIA psy-ops campaign that combines ignorance of another culture, with a centuries-old Eurocentric racism aimed at that misunderstood (Chinese) culture. Li Hongzhi – the founder of Falun Gong – now lives in luxury as a guest of the US government – and yet within China (and any right-minded country) he (and his ‘cult’) are quite rightly viewed as both ‘criminal’ and ‘dangerous’. What makes Falun Gong popular in the US is its ‘anti-intellectualism’, which fits-in quite nicely with the generally appalling level of education throughout that country.

What is interesting is that any other group that behaves like the Falun Gong is automatically declared ‘dangerous’ to vulnerable and impressionable people, and education programmes (together with special policing teams) are established to combat any and all excesses of the cult itself. In many cases, such cults are fully exposed throughout the Western media, their manipulative leaders arrested (and often imprisoned for all kinds of abuses), and the cult disbanded – and yet none of this action is taken against the Falun Gong which is well-known for its criminal activity throughout the Western world. People-trafficking, prostitution and drug-dealing have all been found as happening amongst Falun Gong practitioners (with the proceeds going straight to Li Hongzhi), but the US police take the position that these acts of criminality are the responsibility of the individuals concerned, and not the Falun Gong cult they are a part of, and which orchestrates this behaviour. Bear in mind that Falun Gong practitioners have no psychological or physical freedom whilst living within the cult, as ‘free thinking’ has been abolished by Li Hongzhi. All activities they engage in are authorised before-hand by the Falun Gong authorities – who immediately abandon the individual as soon as they are arrested by the police. Once arrested, the Falun Gong immediately ‘destroy’ all documentation of these individuals ever having been a Falun Gong member – this is how the complicit US police get away with not prosecuting the Falun Gong cult itself.

The lack of genuine medical or scientific knowledge amongst Falun Gong practitioners has often led to those practitioners becoming seriously ill, or even dying from medical complications. There is even stories of pregnant Falun Gong practitioners being denied access to midwife or obstetric care – leading to the death of the women and babies involved. Elderly Falun Gong practitioners that contract pneumonia are refused access to medically trained doctors, and are not allowed to take any antibiotics to combat the ailment. The hypocrisy here, is that it is well-known that Li Hongzhi and the upper echelons of the Falun Gong cult routinely seek medical care through private health insurance schemes provided ‘free’ to them by the US government at the US tax-payer’s expense (when millions of ordinary US citizens have no access to professional medical care). Li Hongzhi pursues a policy that firstly disempowers any new recruits in his Falun Gong cult, and secondly takes away their ability to critically think. When a person loses their ability to objectively think, then they can be moulded and manipulated to do anything the Falun Gong cult wants them to do (including impressionable teenagers setting-fire to themselves – similar to the Dalai Lama’s antics). Li Hongzhi has a vision of wiping away thousands of years of developed human science, and replace it with the limitations of his own particular mental illness.

Russian Language Reference:


Науки о природе и обществе объявляются полностью ошибочными, научному знанию противопоставляется божественное.Достижения науки объясняются соответствующими решениями богов;при этом утверждается что « Просветленные, обитатели Святых Небес » не разрешают слишком много знать « падшему человечеству.

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