Hitler and the Original Conspiracy Theory


‘…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.’

Adolf Hitler (‘Mein Kampf’ – ‘My Struggle’)

For Adolf Hitler, the world was a simple place. The German people were racially and culturally superior, and every shred of evidence to the contrary was the product of Jews. Of course, exactly ‘why’ it was the product of Jews demonstrates Hitler’s particular ‘genius’, if it can be called that, to ‘imagine’ or ‘construct’ fictitious stories which he then presented to both himself and the German people as the ‘real’ history of the world. The fact that there was no physical evidence to support his claims was obscured in part by the sheer scale and scope of his story-telling, which often out-stripped the need for verification in the material world. For Hitler, non-truth possessed a greater force than real-truth. The deciding factor for Hitler, was of course, the bullet and the gas chamber. Anyone who dared to disagree with the stories he concocted from his imagination was often immediately imprisoned and put to death (and this included people who had been loyal to him for years). German citizens who disagreed with him, being of superior ‘Aryan’ racial background, were ‘tried’, and when sentenced to death for ‘treason’ (such as the heroine Sophie Scholl), were beheaded either by a special ‘in-door’ mobile guillotine (which saw the condemned sit on a sofa waiting for their turn – as if visiting the doctor!), or in the case of women, forced to don a white wedding dress as they were led to the ‘block’ in a public square, where a Nazi ‘headsman’ would despatch them with a swing of his axe. Others were sent to Labour Camps to be worked to death, or ‘volunteered’ for medical experiments, etc. What Hitler was able to do, was apply his destructive and murderous imagination to the realm of politics, and after seizing real political power, he started to manipulate the physical conditions of his existence to come into line with his ‘imagined’ pseudo-history. This meant at the very least, the re-education of the masses, and at the very worse, the physical eradication of those that defied his subjective opinion of how the world had functioned up to that point, and how it should continue to function.

What is interesting to observe, is how Hitler’s book Mein Kampf is written very much as a tome of logical self-discovery, which sees a self-proclaimed ‘naïve’ and ‘innocent’ Hitler initially ‘rejecting’ anti-Semitism, only to be radically swayed by a sustained logical argument (particularly through the work of Dr Karl Luege, the Mayor of Vienna, and leader of the anti-Jewish Christian Social Party). Culminating in Hitler’s radical transformation into a rampant and wholly committed anti-Semite. Like Hitler’s skewed view of the world, Mein Kampf is a ‘myth’. Even a cursory reading demonstrates that it is a manual of deception, designed to ‘convert’ unsuspecting (and poorly educated) masses to the Christian-based ideology of anti-Semitism. Whereas Hitler’s declared nemesis Karl Marx blamed all the ills experienced by the working class on the bourgeois class and the vicious system of capitalism it perpetuated, Hitler blamed everything bad that has ever happened to humanity upon the Jews. Not only is this historically inaccurate, but it is also extremely illogical. Ironically for all his secular ranting, Hitler expresses in Mein Kampf, the opinion that Christianity is superior to Judaism because Christian theology posits a ‘heaven’ to which all souls travel after death. As Judaism does not accept the Christian notion of ‘heaven’ (preferring instead to maintain a ‘mystery’ upon the matter), Hitler declared Judaism to be ‘non-Aryan’ in nature. Rather illogically, Hitler maintains a respect for ‘Jesus’ (a Jew), but damns the other Jews for turning their backs upon him, and having him crucified. Hitler allows a certain ’specialness’ for the Jew Jesus that he does not allow for the Jews in general, an odd distinction that he never explains or even attempts to justify. Suffice it to say that Jesus the ‘good’ Jew is rhetorically juxtaposed with the ‘bad’ nature of Judaism in general.  Hitler’s stereotype of the ‘rich Jew’ is justified upon the grounds that as Jews do not believe in an after-life, they dedicate their lives to accumulating wealth on the physical plane. Hitler conveniently ignores the fact that within the capitalist system, striving to acquire wealth is viewed as a virtue that all supporters of capitalism partake in. This is particularly true of the Nazi regime itself, which thoroughly supported the principle of accumulating wealth and thereby developing the German nation through the practice of rampant capitalism.

Those who are exposed to Hitler’s Mein Kampf, and who are impressionable and generally unaware, are surreptitiously drawn into the murky world of enhanced inverted-thinking, racism and anti-Semitism. After taking Mein Kampf literally, and mistaking it for an important piece of world literature, the reader suffers a compromise of intellectual credibility, and begins the absurd journey of falling ever further down the rabbit hole of bizarre notions, paranoia, schizophrenia, sexism, racism, and quite often violent behaviour (particularly in the case of ardent Nazi converts). This feeds almost imperceptibly into the world of the contemporary ‘conspiracy theory’. Of course, I am not saying that governments and big corporations do not lie (on the contrary, WikiLeaks, other intelligence leakages and independent research, have confirmed that ‘lying’ and ‘misleading’ the general public is a fairly routine activity), but rather that for many conspiracy theories, Hitlerism, racism and anti-Semitism lie at their heart, even if the connection is not readily evident. For people such as the British John Friend (and his ‘nuclear weapons do not exist’ theory), the Hitlerite connection is hidden in plain view, as this individual blames absolutely everything upon ‘Jews’ and a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ (even the development of nuclear weapons in China!). What is particularly disturbing about the rhetoric of John Friend (and other supporters of the political far-right), is their denial that atomic bombs were dropped on Japan at the end of WWII, and the complete and total ‘racist’ disregard for the suffering of the hundreds of thousands of Japanese people caught in those blasts. The point is that Hitler advocated ‘lying’ as a legitimate political tool to propagate his rightwing agenda, and many so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ are in fact broad edifices of various forms of disinformation, skilfully weaved together and presented to the general public as an ‘exposé’, or as forms of ‘higher’ knowledge. In reality, just as Hitler favoured Christianity with its ‘mystery’ and ‘after-life’, conspiracy theorists have a zeal about their opinions that in many ways share a similarity with religious fanaticism.

Certainly the most obvious aspect of the contemporary ‘conspiracy theory’ is that of the unquestioned ‘faith’ that is required to propagate it. Although there do exist legitimate concerns about ‘official’ interpretations of events, and do warrant, in this sense, alternative interpretations (that may be referred to as ‘conspiratorial’), the fact remains that people like John Friend deliberately set-out to establish a racist and far-right political agenda as an a priori to questioning mainstream motives and interpretations of events. A rightwing agenda is not required to see through established narratives, which is achieved by the logical (and non-inverted) use of the human mind. John Friend goes as far as to state that the irreligious Soviet Union was the product of a Jewish conspiracy, which fits-in exactly with Hitler’s bizarre notion that Judaism was not a ‘real’ religion. Perhaps the weirdest example of mainstreaming a rightwing political agenda is that of Jim Fetzer associating the rumour that Paul McCartney died in 1966, with that of ‘questioning’ the validity of the Holocaust, and ‘denying’ historicity. Fetzer, in good Hitlerite tradition, sullies history by suggesting that more Catholics died in the Holocaust than Jews, but in so doing betrays his own ignorance by omitting the fact that Hitler’s Nazi regime was backed by the Roman Catholic Church due to a shared anti-Semitism. I give these two examples out of hundreds of others, because they appear to represent different ends of a spectrum of Hitlerite programming in the post-modern era.  Formal logic is abandoned in the rush to criticise official interpretations of events and history, and in so doing, a pseudo-intellectualism with far-right political and religious undertones takes its place. Through the medium of ‘entertainment’, Hitlerism is being broadcast into the West, in the English language for a new generation. Finally, the far-right nature of many conspiracy theorists is revealed by the fact that none of these people criticise ‘capitalism’, or the ‘capitalism system’, despite the fact that capitalism is premised upon ‘advertising’, ‘lawful dishonesty’ and ‘deception’. Perhaps this is because it is too near the reality of Hitlerism itself. As Hitler stated in Mein Kampf:

‘If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.’


Youtube References:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA8kJaP2m1w&t=4931s (John Friend questioning the existence of nuclear weapons, linking this to a world-wide Jewish conspiracy and Holocaust Denial)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YAwgW78lp2c (Jim Fetzer linking the Paul McCartney Died in 1966 Conspiracy Theory with that of questioning the Holocaust)

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