Daoist Immortal Wu Yunqing (吴云青)[1838-1998]


Daoist Immortal Master Wu Yunqing was born during the reign of Qing Dynasty Emperor Daoguang (道光), the exact year is believed to be 1838, in Xingyang area of China’s Henan province, in the rural Yu Ding Village, not far from Gaoshan Town. The Wu family were of very poor peasant stock, and his father (and immediate family) were farmers that toiled the land. However, his grandfather had been a highly respected local teacher, who taught Wu Yunqing how to read and write, and to study the Four Books and Five Classics of the Confucian tradition, as well as the scriptures of the Chinese Buddhist tradition. Wu Yunqing was brought up within a blend of hard physical labour, and sophisticated philosophical scholarship. In fact, according to his traditional dating, he was born two years before the great Ch’an Master Xu Yun (1840-1959), and out-lived this Buddhist monk by 39 years.


During his lifetime, he sought to penetrate and unite the divine-sky and broad earth, through the realisation of the ‘great Way’ (大道 – Da Dao). He gave equal weight to practising Taijiquan (and other martial arts), and seated meditation. He was a master of both Daoist and Buddhist (Shaolin) martial arts (including the Taijiquan Straight Sword), and gave equal weight to seated and moving meditation. Although such an advanced age is contested by some people in modern China, it is a matter of public record that the Shaanxi Daily newspaper interviewed Wu Yunqing in 1978 – where he was declared to be 140 years old. In 1980, the New Sports Magazine interviewed Wu Yunqing and confirmed his birthplace and his apparent birth date – 1838- stating that he was 142 years old at the time. Wu Yunqing explained that as his parents both died when he was young, he left home to become a Daoist priest at the age of 15. Later in 1980, Wu Yunqing was interviewed by the People’s Daily – which after investigating his background, stated that Master Wu Yunqing was born during the 18th year of the reign of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty (i.e. 1838).


Daoist Immortal Master Wu Yunqing passed away through the process of ‘seated transformation’ (坐化 – Zuo Hua), on the 22nd of September, 1998, after 20 days of preparation in seated meditation. This involved the gradual withdrawal of sleep, food and lastly water, until all breathing ceased. His uncorrupted body still sits-upright in China today.


This video below features Master Su Hua Ren [蘇華仁] (also known as ‘Su De Xian’ – 蘇德仙) in the Ling Yun Temple (靈泉寺 – Ling Yun Si), discussing what he had learnt from Master Wu Yunqing. Master Su Hua Ren was born in 1951, and was a long-term disciple of Master Wu Yunqing. He states that martial movement and seated meditation require the cultivation of essential nature (jing) and vital force (qi) to generate an expansive mind-set (shen) and thereby attain Immortality.He also states that the Dao is everywhere without exception and that Daoists should not discriminate – as discrimination ‘blocks’ effective qi-flow and wastes essential nature (jing). Wasting time worrying about this or that should be better spent piercing the outer form to its empty essence and unblocking the qi energy channels to prevent illness and heal the body and mind.


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