4th Century Depiction of Jesus Looks Like Buddha!


In late 2014, archaeologists announced that a ceramic plate has been found in Spain dating to the 4th century CE, depicting Christ with what looks like a Roman hair-style and cleanly shaved. Not only is this the earliest known depiction of Jesus Christ, but it also pushes back the presence of Christianity in Spain by around 100 years. Modern depiction of Christ in the West are invariably racist in that he is presented with Northern European looks – often with blue-eyes and long blonde or brown hair. This maybe compared to the Greek Orthodox tradition, where Christ is depicted with typical Middle Eastern or Asiatic looks (i.e. black hair and brown eyes, etc). Of course, unless Jesus was a migrant from a foreign land, it is highly likely that he would possess typical Middle Eastern features very different to those found in Northern Europe, and that his skin-tone would be darker. Oddly enough, although not mentioned in any other report, the hair-style of Jesus on this plate, together with his facial features, looks very similar to a number of depictions of Buddha. As early Buddhist iconology was influenced by Greek statue-building techniques, it might be that the earliest depictions of Jesus received a similar treatment, making him appear something like an eminent Greek philosopher. The fact that this Jesus looks Greek or Roman in this earliest depiction, rather than Middle Eastern does shed doubt on the physical existence of Jesus Christ (as a reformist Jew acting in opposition to the Roman occupation of Judea).







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