USSR: Law Against Commercialising Martial Arts (Article 219-1)


Soviet Traditional Karate Master Tadeusz Rafailovich Kasyanov (10th Dan)

Chapter 10 – (RSFSR Legal Code)Crimes Against Public Security, Public Order, and Health of the Populace

Article 219-1 – Illegal Teaching of Karate

The violation of the established rules for opening sections for karate as a sport or for enrolling citizens in them, or the teaching of techniques prohibited by the rules of the sport, and also the unwarranted teaching, without the authorisation of the respective agencies, of karate techniques committed after the application of an administrative penalty for such violations, shall be punished by deprivation of freedom for a term of up to two years, or by a fine of up to three hundred rubles, and when there is a mercenary interest present, by a fine of up to five hundred rubles. The same actions committed by a person previously convicted for the illegal teaching of karate, or connected with receiving material advantage in significant amounts, shall be punished by deprivation of freedom for a term of up to five years with or without confiscation of property [introduced 10 November 1981 as amended 3 December 1982. Vedmosti RSFSR (1981), no. 45, item 1517, (1982), no. 49, item 1821].

Basic Documents on the Soviet Legal System, compiled, translated and edited by WE  Butler, Oceana Publications, (1983(, Page 377

Tadeusz Kasyanov (b. 14 on November 1938) – pictured above – was a young child fighting for survival during the Nazi Invasion of the USSR, and that despicable army’s attack on Moscow.  After the Soviet victory during the Great Patriotic War, life was tough for many Soviet people, as the devastated infrastructure of the USSR had to be re-built in the face of ever-growing Western hostility toward their former wartime ally.  Tadeusz Kasyanov is a Russian (and former Soviet) athlete, actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator.  He is also the President of the Russian Federation of Unarmed Combat and Traditional Karate (the first of its kind in the Soviet Union opened by Tadeusz Kasyanov in the 1960’s), an honoured coach of Russia, a Doctor of Education, and holds a 10th Dan Blackbelt.  As commercialised martial arts training was forbidden as a being a ‘capitalist’ disease in the USSR, those who practised martial arts had to have the appropriate permission from the authorities, and not be motivated by monetary profit. This led to very high standards of martials arts mastery in the USSR.  Those found ‘exploiting’ others for money (by offering greed-orientated martial arts training), were banned from practising and teaching, fined and/or imprisoned.

Russian Language Sources:Касьянов,_Тадеуш_Рафаилович


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