Keeping the ‘X’ in Xmas!


I am a secularist that believes in two important attributes in society, (in this order of importance):

1) Scientific Socialism

2) Freedom of thought within a progressive society.

Progressive Scientific Socialism has to replace destructive capitalism, that is an a priori essential – but if an individual or group wants to follow a religious belief within a Socialist context, they should be allowed to do so unharassed – providing it is understood that theology cannot be used in a political manner.  Once that is established, religiously minded people can believe whatever they want – after-all, such belief will not affect the premise of secular science. Evolution and gravity will continue without interruption.  I do not agree with the concept of a capitalist Xmas – nor do I believe that children should be indoctrinated with capitalism and Christianity.  I think my declared ‘beliefs’ are modest when compared to a virgin birth, or an alleged disembodied spirit that cannot be seen in the physical world, but which apparently controls everything in that world.  Occasionally, I get harassed by theists for my use of ‘Xmas’ over ‘Christmas’, and this does show a terrible lack of education in the more ethereal minded amongst us.  Although it is true that ‘Xmas’ is often used as a ‘secular’ preference to the theistic ‘Christmas’, its history may not be what you might expect (and certainly not what many theists believe it to be).  ‘Xmas’ is a Greek term that breaks down in this manner:

1) Χ = represents the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet ‘ξι’ (pronounced ‘chi’).

2) mass (is a religious celebration).

X (chi) is used as a short expression for the word ‘Christ’ – and when placed together with ‘mass’, maybe originally interpreted to refer to an abbreviation for ‘Christmas’.  I know this because of science, and not religion.

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