Romania (1989): Counter Revolution & Murder


The continuous agitation of the capitalist West finally paid-off for that odious economic system, as ‘greed-orientated’ factions within the Romanian Communist system – encouraged, aided and abetted by US Intelligence Agencies – launched a counter-revolution that saw elements of the Romanian armed forces rebel against government control, and start killing en masse, anyone who tried to defend that country’s Communist System and its leaders – Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife, Elena.  Loyal Romanian Communist troops were killed (and their bodies demeaned) whilst trying to protect the Ceausecu’s, who were then taken prisoner by an armed mob, whilst attempting to flee to the safety of the Soviet Union.


The Western media, such as the British BBC (which had been complicit earlier that year in fabricating the Tiananmen Square Incident in China – since exposed by Wikileaks), quite happily beamed ‘live’ coverage of the fighting on the streets of Romania, singing the merits of the rebels, and proclaiming every murder a ‘success’ for freedom!  In true bourgeois style, the wall to wall coverage continued over the Xmas period of 1989, presumably as many Westerners living in capitalist countries, had time off work and the TV companies were able to gain mass coverage of the over-throw of Romanian Communism.  In effect, this was a ‘warning’ to anyone in the West that held any leftwing leanings and sympathies for Soviet-style Communism.  During WWII, Romania was an ally of Nazi Germany, and Romanian troops took-part in the invasion of the Soviet Union from 1941 onwards, assisting the German troops in the atrocities and destruction inflicted upon that country.  As the Soviet Red Army eventually rolled-back the fascist offensive, Romania was invaded and liberated, and a leftwing government installed.  At the time, the Western capitalist powers were not that fussed, as the crushing of fascist Romania meant that Nazi Germany had lost a valuable ally.  The Ceausecus over-saw the administration of a system that redistributed wealth and emphasised education and constructive labour amongst the masses.  Today, some 17 years after the murder of the Ceausecus, many Romanians, now adrift in a country exploited by capitalist excess and extreme poverty, regret the counter-revolution and the murder of the Ceausecus.  The Ceausecus, of course, were killed by firing squad on Xmas Day 1989, an illegal act enacted by a renegade unit of the Romanian army.  The entire process was filmed (which involved a mock trial) to prove to the Western forces behind the coup, that their orders had been carried-out, and despite the graphic nature of the murder – with the two Ceausecus looking dishevelled and confused, moments before their bullet-ridden bodies fell to the ground – footage was shown all across the Western media in an attempt to brain-wash the Western working class against advocating any form of Socialism and self-determination.  This anti-Socialist message was enforced with seemingly endless Western documentaries and the supposed corruption and narcissism of the Ceausescus.  Some years after the brutal execution, British media did a follow-up story about the execution, interviewing one of the soldiers who was present, as if he was a role-model everyone should emulate, rather than a common criminal who was responsible or inflicting mass poverty and injustice upon the Romanian people. In 2010, relatives of the Ceausecus asked the Romanian government to exhume the bodies, to ensure that they really were Ceausecus..



In Romania, Opinion Polls Show Nostalgia for Communism

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