The Dilemma of Modern Russia

Russian Diplomat: Soviet War Memorial 13.11..2016

As I attend the Soviet War Memorial in London, twice a year, to celebrate the Soviet victory over German fascism in May, and Remembrance Sunday in November, I listen to the modern Russian diplomats who respectfully attend, but who are in the peculiar position of having to look back at the Soviet Communist System with respect, whilst trying to present Russia’s descent into capitalist as a ‘progression’ rather than a ‘regression’ away from the teachings of Scientific Socialism.  Over-night in 1991, the workers of the Soviet Union were betrayed by their leader Mikhail Gorbachev, and all their ‘free’ institutes, conventions, traditions and procedures were suddenly taken away forever.  The wealth that the Soviet workers had built-up through their own collective labour over decades, was stolen by a clique of capitalists in Russia, aided and abetted by the Western bourgeoisie.  This has led to terrible inequalities and suffering amongst the ordinary Russian people who now exist in abject poverty, and a permanent state of psychological and physical shock.  A few billionaires control the wealth they have plundered from the people, and lord it over the masses like the Czars of the past.  From a Marxist-Leninist perspective, capitalism is regressive, and the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels is progressive because it leads the primitive state of greed and profit accumulation, to that of the re-distribution of wealth throughout society, and the transition of the control of governance from the middle class to that of the working class.  Modern Russia tends to operate a policy of Soviet ‘nostalgia’ whilst pursuing the usual and vicious capitalist path of exploitation of the masses. The Russian Communist Party has had considerable electoral success in the Duma – certainly far more successful than their Western counter-parts.  This potential of ‘democratically’ elected Communism threatens the US simply because its anti-Communist rhetoric has already been premised upon the principle that Scientific Socialism is enforced through armed uprising, rather than the liberal, democratic ballot box.  A similar situation once existed in the 1960’s in Vietnam – where Ho Chi Minh was going to hold democratic elections in North and South Vietnam – and it was evident that Communism would win 90% of the vote.  The US fabricated the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and went to war with North Vietnam to prevent a democratically elected Communist government.  The US today (under Barak Obama) has pursued a policy of the nazification of Eastern Europe, and a ruthless anti-Russian media campaign.  The Russians have learned that by betraying their own Communist Revolution, they have plunged their country into the sceptic mire of primitive capitalism.  Despite the Russian capitalists  ruthlessly exploiting their own working people in the usual bourgeois fashion – the capitalist West has no respect for modern Russia.  Russian diplomats tread the ever precarious line of respecting select aspects of Soviet history – whilst criticising the Soviet System in general. This duality of Russian capitalist rhetoric respecting Soviet Communist ideology is unconvincing to say the least, and comes across as ‘schizophrenic’.  Russia Today (RT), which broadcasts in English across the world, has to acknowledge Russia’s recent Communist past, as it pursues a liberal democrat left of centre ethos, but nevertheless still mimics the Western capitalist critique of the Soviet Union.  It openly criticises Lenin and Stalin, and says nothing about the injustices of capitalism.  RT even featured the Bourgeois leftist British politicians Ken Livingstone and George Galloway also openly criticising Soviet Communism in the most disrespectful manner.  I suspect that if the capitalist West stopped its attacks upon modern, capitalist Russia, the Russian media, as a sign of gratefulness, would banish all Soviet nostalgia from its coverage, and head full-throttle into the eulogising of US capitalism.

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