UK Academies: A New Form of Tory Child Abuse


The enforced school academies in Sutton and Cheam, represent nothing more than the commercialisation of young children’s education.  Instead of the education space being free and neutral of blatant capitalist interest as the State teaches the child to read and write, today’s academies are brain-washing Britain’s children into accepting’capitalism’ and ‘free market economic force’ as the ‘norm’ in society.  This is a dangerously bias approach to education that removes the agencies of ‘free will’ and ‘self-determination’, and which is designed to eradicate all criticism from within a generation, to the excesses of predatory capitalism.  British children already grow-up in a ruthless capitalist system, and this ruthlessness is often manifest in the play-ground with certain children dominating and bullying others. It is also true that the State apparatus is entirely ‘bourgeois’ in nature, but the State system of education, for all its faults and inconsistencies, did allow for children to grow-up and develop their own opinions about ‘greed’ and the ‘exploitation’ of others, and if necessary, assume distinctly ‘leftwing’ viewpoints in opposition to capitalism.  UK school academies are designed to normalise ‘capitalism’ in the minds of British children, and this is tantamount to a violation of Human Rights, free thought and free speech.  It is similar to the education system in Nazi Germany that brain-washed a generation of German children into thinking that racialised science was ‘correct’.  Education in the UK should occur as far as possible in a neutral ‘free space’ that is nurturing but not coercive.  If academies continue to spread and influence UK children, it will not take long for the British tradition of leftwingism to fade away.  In an ‘academy’ in Cheam, for instance, the school has taken to placing adverts (in the form of ‘flyers’) from local businesses in the ‘homework’ bags of the children who attend.  The children then take these ‘adverts’ home to their parents, and act as a ‘free’ billboard.  Imagine allowing local businesses to use young, impressionable and vulnerable children to ‘advertise’ for services they do not understand, without the knowledge or consent of their parents – well, this is now going on all over the UK thanks to this rightwing, Tory Junta.  This is a form of government-led child abuse and it should be stopped immediately!

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