Dr Who Criticises Capitalism

Tom Baker – as Dr Who – educating young British children about the evils of capitalism and commercial imperialism.  How different the BBC is today with its far-rightwing agenda and unquestioning support for US neo-imperialism, Zionist Israel, and neo-Nazi Ukraine.  How different Tom Baker is to his predecessor Jon Pertwee, who in an interview in 1996 (just prior to his passing), criticised the progressive nature of Doctor Who – particular an episode that suggested that police officers were faceless automatons.  Even in 1996, after the race riots and miners’ strike in the UK, and the use of the police force to keep hippies off of Stone Henge – Pertwee perpetuated the myth that the police were ‘good’ and had the best interests of the people at heart.  Perhaps the most shocking omission by Jon Pertwee in his Conservative, rightwing discourse, was that he chose not to mention the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993, and the disgraceful behaviour of the Met Police – which was subsequently found guilty of ‘institutional racism’.  Tom Baker, by way of contrast appears to have been in favour of more progressive scripts, and certainly did not complain about the anti-capitalist nature of the ‘Sun-makers’ storyline, or the Socialistic lines he performed throughout the episodes.  This storyline was originally written by (former police officer) Richard Holmes, and broadcast in 1977.  It seems that Das Kapital (written by Karl Marx) served as the basis for idea – which sees oppressed workers rising-up and taking power from the capitalists that oppress them at every turn.  In 1982, Terence Dicks compiled the novel of this storyline – but decided to play-down the ‘revolutionary’ nature of the workers – instead placing new lines in their mouths, suggesting that they ‘regret’ rising-up in revolution – a typical bourgeois attempt of keeping the workers from gaining power.  It must also be understood that Richard Holmes wrote his script during times of great industrial unrest in the UK, with the Unions flexing their muscles in the best interests of the workers.  By 1982, however, the rightwing Margaret Thatcher had come to power and the Unions were being attacked and their power diminished – Terence Dicks appears to disempower the workers in exactly the same manner through his deliberate scriptural alterations.




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