When White Racism is Stronger Than a Black President


After the alleged terror-attacks on New York in 2001, the US political system reacted with all kinds of draconian and superfluous measures collectively termed ‘security’.  Although a group of Israeli men had been caught jumping up and down and cheering the carnage (as the airliners struck their targets) the attention of the American people (and the world at large) was falsely directed toward Afghanistan and Iraq, despite the fact that the five Israeli men mentioned above all turned-out to be Mossad agents.  US statistics state that around sixty Israeli citizens were arrested over-all, and quietly deported from the country as a direct result of 911.  This situation had no discernible effect upon the US support for Israel, or its deadly Zionist policies toward the Palestinians (and their supporters).  Why would it? Israel is a ‘White’ country of immigrant Europeans that has pursued the racist policy of ethnically cleansing the non-White indigenous population – a near perfect mirroring of US history.  Eurocentric racism trumps politics expediency.  The bond of Eurocentric, racialised identity runs very deep through the history, culture and psychology of White people, and it can be seen today with the situation in the US (and elsewhere) which sees a ‘White’ police force openly apply deadly force to situations that obviously do not warrant it.  The victims of this policy are African-American and ethnic minority peoples (including Native Americans), and also poor White people who possess no political or legal power.  However, when viewed statistically, the victims of this racialised police brutality are over-overwhelmingly ‘non-White’.  This would suggest that the police actively ‘search’ for people of a specific ethnic or racial background, before making their move.  This policy is often referred to as ‘racial profiling’ and is premised upon the false assumption that Black and minority peoples act in a normalised ‘criminal’ manner, and therefore the use of deadly force is required at the point of first contact. In other words, all Black and ethnic minority peoples are assumed to be routinely breaking the law, and for the police, it is simply a matter of making an alleged crime fit the assumed suspect.  The norm from which the victims of deadly police violence are viewed as deviating from, is the kind of economically derived behaviour of the affluent White middle class, that lives safely within gated communities.  The victims of deadly police violence are often said to have been ‘resisting arrest’, no wonder, as their behaviour is actually that of an innocent citizen being falsely accused by a racist police force.  Today, of course, many Black people live in a state of abject fear of ever being approached by the police, and even in ‘prank’ videos that see fake ‘White’ police officers harassing innocent victims, many Black men automatically lie flat on the ground without being asked – whereas White people would never dream of behaving like this.  This is because White people believe it is their ‘right’ to question the police they pay for through their taxes (the fact that Black and ethnic minority peoples also pay for the same police is ignored).  Barak Obama – the first Black President of the USA – sees this behaviour perpetuated by his police forces up and down America – but appears reluctant (or unable) to do anything about it. How could a US President be so impotent in the face of an unfolding nation emergency and cultural tragedy?  How is it that George Bush senior was able to sell the world a lie in the First Gulf War, and George Bush junior sell yet another lie for the subsequent (and illegal) invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?  Why can’t a Black President simply order these racialised ‘killings’ to stop, and demand that the officers responsible be imprisoned?  He might also issue apologies to the surviving families, and authorise compensation pay-outs and nation-wide memorials.

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