Defending Vietnam (My Reply to Miko Peled)


No Mas!

This is a response to a blog post by Mr Miko Peled, the Jewish-American Karate master who thoroughly opposes Zionist Israel (despite being born there, within a very prominent family).  Apparently, Donald Trump insulted Mr John McCain – a Vietnam War Veteran.  As I oppose the rightwing in all its forms, I do not eulogise the wars such an ideology initiates around the world.  Although I might sympathise with individual victims of capitalism, who, as young people were brain-washed into carrying-out unjust and highly destructive acts in the world (as no one is beyond reform), I do not, in anyway, eulogise or sentimentalise the imperialist wars of capitalism.  Part of this imperialism in the West, is the constant ‘lying’ about its destructive actions, and a denial of the suffering it inflicts on the (often) non-White peoples of the world.  I have no argument with Mr Miko Peled (who I find to be a very advanced and progressive individual from an extraordinary family), but nor do I slavishly follow what other people say.  Instead, I apply the Marxist dialectical of assessment, and like Lenin, workout the ‘facts’ from the ‘fictions’ contained within any given situation, when viewed within the context of a broader unfolding historical narrative.  The movement of dialectical historical assessment, must always be in the direction of the workers, and away from their exploiters – the bourgeoisie.  This is my message to Mr Miko Peled:

‘Thank you Mr Miko Peled for your continuing humanitarian work.  Donald Trump represents a certain trend within the US that is a mixture of White Supremacy and extreme affluence.  In this regard, Trump is merely a more ‘apparent’ version of this tendency (similar to many other, but ‘less’ apparent US Presidents).  Trump appeals to the very same US rightwing that unquestionably supports Zionist Israel, and openly agrees with that moribund regime’s racist policy toward the innocent Palestinians – the plight of whom you do so much good work to expose.  Of course, the US invasion of Vietnam was also a Crime Against Humanity, with the US Airforce killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese men, women and children through blanket-bombing North Vietnam (a false Eurocentric construct), as well US ground-troops routinely killing their supposed ‘allies’ in the form of equally innocent men, women and children in that other false Eurocentric construct of South Vietnam. This is how Trump polarises the US nation and public opinion.  To oppose Trump’s rightwing lunacy, it is as if we must ‘support’ the exact opposite of what he says.  Even the stalwart ally of the US – the UK (where I live) – did not support the US invasion of Vietnam.  In fact, thousands of British people (like my parents), descended on the US Embassy in London to protest the My Lai (and other US) Massacres, the blanket-bombing of North Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and in support of the indigenous Buddhist population of South Vietnam (a number of which had publically self-immolated in protest) that was facing terrible oppression from the Vietnamese ‘Catholic’ government of South Vietnam, which had been arbitrarily imposed by the US government, as a means to ‘Christianise’ the Vietnamese nation, and make it easier for the Western invaders to control.  I do not agree with Donald Trump’s opinion about Mr John McCain.  However, I also do not agree with what Mr John McCain was doing in Vietnam as a part of a Western invading force, that like the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in modern Palestine, used its vast technological superiority to commit what amounts to a form of genocide, simply as a means to prevent a non-White nation exercising its right to self-determination.  I am personally relying on the ‘good’ American people, (like yourself), to see through the ‘Trump’ and ‘Clinton’ dichotomy, and use that insight to transform the US political system, so that it might ‘self-reform’ and move away from its support of rightwing regimes (such as modern, Zionist Israel).  Finally, whilst examining Chinese language articles about Mr John McCain’s war experiences in Vietnam, they generally simply translate (unedited) the English languages encyclopaedia pages into Chinese script – but there was an interesting comment stating that there was no corroborating evidence from Vietnamese sources, with regard to the established narrative (of Mr John McCain being tortured).  This whole episode was juxtaposed with the US records showing that Vietnamese prisoners were routinely taken up in US Army helicopters – and thrown-out the door hundreds of feet above the ground.  Mr John McCain, of course, was a brave man from the US perspective, but I think all right-minded people would agree – so where the Vietnamese victims of US blanket-bombing.  It is my sincere hope that the US will stop its destructive behaviour both within its own society and around the world, and its support for equally barbaric and destructive regimes (such as the neo-Nazi Kiev) government in the Ukraine, etc.  Best Wishes Adrian’

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