Encountering Muslim Brothers in Croydon (30.4.2016)


Walking through Croydon High Street today, I came upon a gazebo staffed by very devout and pure minded Muslim Brothers talking to passers by and giving-out free literature.  The website that prints this educational material is:

Islamic Dawah Centre International – http://www.idci.co.uk

As an ‘Internationalist’ whose flag is Red – I am of the opinion that ‘education’ about other people’s beliefs is essential.  I was not broughtup as a Muslim – but in my life I have encountered the decency, wisdom and compassion of Muslims.  I am only vaguely aware of the politics of Islam existing between different Islamic countries and tribal affiliations, etc, and tend not to take sides – although I definitely support Palestine.  Islamo-fascism is an invention of cruel Western powers that has cost the lives of not only innocent Westerners (in despicable circumstances), but also of many hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslim men, women and children.  Whether you believe in god or not – this is not right.  I am sympathetic to Islam because I have experienced only tolerance, peace and love from ‘true’ Muslims who have been accepting of my Buddhist and Marxist thinking – neither condemning nor condoning my beliefs – and in return have gently taught me about their beliefs.  It is irrelevant whether I agree or disagree with this or that teaching – the point is that we do not have to fight one another simply for thinking differently.  Criminals are terrorists – Muslims are not terrorists.  What Buddhism and Marxism has taught me is that it is important for human evolution to be ‘open’ to other people’s ideas and beliefs.

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