How the EU Uses Racism to Further Capitalism


The EU debate in the mainstream media is laughable in the UK! Ignorance, fear, greed and racism will decide the outcome of the Referendum because that is exactly the ground upon which the debate is held and limited. Cameroon has to console and persuade the British rightwing that migration into the UK will be ‘curtailed’ whilst the UK remains a part of the EU. This is a contradiction as EU Law places ‘Business’ above ‘Workers’ and Capitalism above Socialism. This requires an unbridled ‘free-market economic system’ that allows the free travel of ‘Labour’, or in other words, the unbridled movement of migrants across State-borders.  The free movement of migrant-workers across the EU is representative of the free movement of capital across the EU.  The problem the EU has, is how it should pursue its rightwing, discriminatory and racist agenda, whilst encouraging migration across borders.  The constituent EU governments try to appease their own racist, rightwing political movements, by passing ever-more draconian laws that target Black and Asian populations ‘outside’ of the EU – that do not, and have never had the right for ‘free’ travel into Europe.  This type of institutional racism can be seen in TV programmes such as UK Borderforce and the equivalent ‘anti-migrant’ documentaries around Europe, Australia, the USA and Canada, etc.  The policy is to ‘demonise’ and ‘criminalise’ all Black and Asian peoples both within the EU, and outside the EU.  This is, of course, a very dangerous and life-threatening ‘false’ scenario.  It is a slight of hand that the EU fully encourages and perpetuates.  Why does the EU follow this racist policy toward Black and Asian peoples?  The answer is simple.  The Thatcher government in 1986 signed into law the concept of a ‘Single ‘Europe’ as part of a broader rightwing policy to de-Socialise the UK and Europe, and instigated US-style free market capitalism.  With the collapse of the USSR in 1991, this policy was extended to include all the previous Soviet Eastern European countries, and took on the added policy of depriving Russia of allies against the West.  Today, racism and xenophobia in the UK is still aimed at Black and Asian people (despite the draconian immigration ‘limits’ placed upon the movement of such people into the EU from the outside), but is now also aimed at the non-British ‘white’ European migrants who travel quite lawfully into the UK for work.  Millions come to the UK every year because it is part of EU policy.  However, the constituent governments of the EU collectively pursue a high-profile policy of anti-Black and Asian racism in the media, as a means to divert the attention of the rightwing away from unbridled ‘foreign’ but predominantly ‘white’ migration across the EU.  The EU is so entangled and committed to ‘racism’ as a policy, that it cannot now ‘back’ away from it.  As the EU is a capitalist entity – racism is viewed as a price well worth paying for the support of big businesses and international banks.  As a consequence of this brutal policy of greed, the EU pursues both the free movement of capital and labour, whilst encouraging the perpetuation of anti-Black and anti-Asian racism – when in fact the real concern for the far-right is the mass immigration of ‘white’ foreigners.  Nothing will be done about this, because it is the basis of EU capitalism.

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