European Down Syndrome Sufferers were not born in Mongolia


The distorted pseudo-science of Social Darwinism was founded by the German Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919). He developed the racist hierarchy that place pink-skinned Europeans at the top of the evolutionary ladder of the ‘races’ – with every other race descending in order of its assumed inferiority. This thinking permeate Europe – and is present even in Darwin’s The Descent of Man (1871). Although discredited today, its ideas still permeate society and fuel racism. Each ethic group (that was not European) was believed to represent an earlier stage in human evolution. Each group was assumed to be intellectually and physically ‘inferior’ to their European over-lords. On October the 9th, 1977, Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) delivered a lecture to the American Institute of Humanistic Psychology (entitled The Seasons of Our Lives) within which he described a Downs Syndrome sufferer as ‘Mongoloid’. This is because it was assumed that ‘Mongoloids’ (a racist term of reference for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Mongolian people, etc.) were considered racially inferior, and because of the difficulties Down Syndrome sufferers faced, and due to the unique structure of their heads, they were assumed by Social Darwinists to be a genetic throw-back to an earlier time in human evolution. It was assumed, for instance, that European parents had somehow given birth to an ‘Asian’ child that represented an earlier stage in human evolution. Although now this is unacceptable, in the past it was common-place to refer to Down syndrome sufferers as ‘Mongoloid’ as the example of the otherwise liberal and broad-mind Ram Dass demonstrates. Down syndrome sufferers are human-beings spread throughout the entire population of the globe (within all ethnic groups), and all ethnic groups are of an equal evolutionary origination regardless of exterior distinction.

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