Imperialism Causes Terrorism – Paris Attacks 13.11.15


It is interesting to see that with the tragic loss of the Russian Airliner recently (with the death of all on board), the Western European response was one of racism and disdain for Russia and the Russian victims. This callous response must be added to the continuous ignoring of deaths in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere in the world, and the overt support the Western Europeans powers are currently granting to far-right political and religiously inspired regimes such as the neo-Nazis in the Ukraine, the Zionists in Israel and the Islamo-fascists in Saudi Arabia. The rhetoric from modern Germany in the European Union is particularly disturbing, as its call for resistance against foreign influence to preserve European values, and pronouncements by the German leader Angela Merkel that multiculturalism has ‘failed’, all sound disturbingly similar to the rhetoric of Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. This is all compounded by rightwing governments throughout Europe such as that in the UK, that has become the only country in the West to ever be investigated by the United Nations (UN) for Crimes Against Humanity committed through its policies of cutting and stopping Welfare payments to the Disabled of the UK. On Friday the 13th, 2015, Paris experienced what appears to have been a highly co-ordinated attack on its leisure infrastructure – including a crowded rock concert, an international football match and numerous packed restaurants. This suggests a deliberate targeting of dense urban populations, and the leisure industry in Paris provided this. Reports suggest that at least 128 people have been killed and over two hundred wounded – but the death-toll may well rise as order is restored and all information is gathered. The response on social media has been a mixture of sycophantic sentimentalism, coupled with an outpouring of anti-immigrant and anti-foreigner racism. People are sharing stereo-typical images of France with calls to ‘pray’ for Paris – as if the city was a human-being suffering from an illness that a non-existent deity could cure. This type of sickening sentimentalism does absolutely nothing for the dead and wounded victims of this violence, and has no effect on the immensely ‘private’ nature of this tragedy for the families concerned. It also ignores the fact that it has been decades of US and European imperialism and neo-colonial military aggression in the Middle East (and elsewhere) that has caused these attacks in the West. These attacks are the result of the death of millions in the world certainly since the terror attacks on New York in 9/11, and probably before. The idea that these terrorist attacks arise as if ‘out of nothing’, is the Judeo-Christian mythos of inverted psychology at work – as if a non-existent deity has suddenly ‘created’ the world! No – the Western response of sentimentalism and racism to last night’s terror attacks in Paris is exactly the very same attitudes that inspired the political leaders of the West to unleash their armies upon the world in the first place, and only serves to preserve and perpetuate the cycles of violence. It would be a far more productive response to stop institutional lying and for the people of the West to organise a civilised response to violence that ‘uproots’ the causes of violence in the mind, the body and the environment. I doubt this will happen anytime soon, and early indications are that the governments of the West, supported by sections of their unaware or uneducated electorate will respond with even more destructive military actions that will not work, but merely lay the foundations for the next terrorist attacks in the West. These attacks are actually military responses to Western military aggression in other parts of the world, and as is the case in any war, hostilities will only cease when there is a ceasefire and positive negotiations occurs. Racism amongst the ordinary people should be over-come through the implementation of ‘internationalism’ amongst the workers.

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