If the US and China Fight – Which Side Will Chinese Americans Take?


Original Chinese Language Article: Om Ah Hum Blog (唵啊吽的博客)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Why ask the question if ‘US and China fight – which side will Chinese-Americans take?’ What is the problem? The US has been to war with virtually every country on the planet, so why didn’t we hear the question if the ‘US and Germany fight – which side will you take?’ This was not asked when the US went to war with Germany. It is a question that was not asked during the American War of Independence, or the 1812 War – both fought between the US and the British. Why (was) this question was not asked when the US and the French (together with the Spanish) fought one another during the Quasi War (1798-1800)? This question was also not asked when the US cracked-down on its own indigenous people. It was also not asked during the 1846, 1859, and 1875 wars fought between the US and Mexico. During World War I, America’s enemies were Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and the Ottomans, whilst in World War II, America’s enemies were Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia and Serbia. As the CIA has been subverting countries in South America – it can be truthfully said that the people of South America are the enemies of the US. This is important as the US is a land of immigrants that represent more or less the entire world, and the many different peoples the US has been to war with. Any American child could have their ethnic ancestry scrutinised in this way – not just the Chinese-Americans. When the US government fought its war against Vietnam, for example, the ordinary US people were opposed to it. As China backed Vietnam, did this mean that the ordinary US people supported China in a war between White Europeans and ethnic Chinese people? Finally, it has to be asked why the concept of the ‘US and China going to war’ is such an issue when China (unlike Britain, Japan, and Mexico) has never attacked the US mainland? Why are the Chinese people being singled-out as potential enemies of the US, when the history of the US shows that it has made very real enemies across the world? Why is there this US emphasis on a war with China? Americans can tell their children with pride that their country has been at ‘war’ for least 80% of its history with the rest of the world, winning all but two its military encounters. The US military has only lost twice in its history – both times against China in wars fought in Korea and Vietnam. It seems that there is a lack of confidence (or an inferiority complex) in the psychology of the US regarding a possible war with Red China, after-all, the US military has failed twice to defeat China in modern warfare. It is important to note that asking if the ‘US and China fight – which side will you take?’ is a problem deeply rooted within ethnic discrimination (and racism). It is also, as a tactic of discrimination, a device designed to cause psychological trauma in the minds of ethnic Chinese children, and as such maybe considered highly cruel and confusing. During the Anti-Vietnam War movement in the US, for example, an individual could be opposed to the US military (and its actions in Vietnam), but not necessarily supportive of China, etc. However, we can assist Chinese children by explaining to them that it is China that is now the powerhouse of the world, and because of this, the US feels threatened by China’s success. This is how the child’s self-respect can be protected. This is a matter of racism and discrimination, and this can be over-come by being calm and logical. When confronted with US racism, simply refer to history as a means to explain the present. In this way the Chinese people can remain strong when confronted with this kind of ideological attack.

©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2015.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:



为什么会有“如果美国和中国打仗,你会站在哪边?”这样的问题?美国和其它国家打仗的仗多了,几乎没有国家没和美国打过仗,而且美国是移民国家,为什么就没听到“如果美国和德国打仗,你会站在那边?”这样的问题,毕竟一战二战美国都和德国打过仗。为什么没有听到“如果美国和英国打仗,你会站在那边?”这样的问题,毕竟美国独立战争和1812年战争美国都和英国打过仗。为什么没有人问“如果美国和法国打仗,你会站在那边?”,1798-1800的Quasi War美国和法国西班牙打过仗。“如果美国再次镇压土著,你会站在那边?”,美国历史上镇压土著战争多了。“如果美国和墨西哥打仗,你会站在那边?”1846,1859,1875等,美国和墨西哥打过多次仗。一战美国的敌人有德国、奥地利、保加利亚和奥斯曼,二战美国的敌人有德国、日本、意大利、匈牙利、罗马尼亚、保加利亚、芬兰、克罗地亚和塞尔维亚。如果把美国颠覆南美国家政权算上,南美国家基本都美国中情局的敌人。所以,如果你或者你的子女碰到“如果中美开战”这样的问题,看看他的祖籍,你都可以提出类似的问题。而且,你还可以问:“美国反对越战的人士是站在美国一边还是站在中国一边?”毕竟越战代理战争中国是美国的敌人,问问他们反战人士是华裔还是欧洲白人。最后,你要追问为什么只有“如果中美开战”这样的问题?中国从来没有打过美国本土和边境,只有英国、日本和墨西哥打过美国本土和边境。为什么是“如果中美开战”这样的问题而不是“美日开战,或英美开战,或美墨开战”这样的问题?为什么?为什么?然后你或者你的子女可以自豪的告诉他,美国历史上打过无数的仗,美国历史上几乎80%的时间在打仗,而华盛顿广场只有越战和韩战的墓,美国打过无数仗,几乎都是胜仗,只有两场败仗,就是和中国打的韩战和越战。


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