Keep Racism Out of the UK



The British work class and their allies, can follow the international idea of Karl Marx, and refuse to blame immigrants for the injustices they face everyday, injustices that are created and perpetuated by a succession of rightwing governments whose policies support the minority rich, the bigoted, and the racist.  Immigrants suffer from exactly the same injustices because they are of the working class.  Regardless of colour, language, religion, or country of origin, they are all our fellow comrades who seek escape from the continuous oppression that blights their lives.  Working class people should vote en mass for leftwing parties, and not stand by passively through not voting, and watch the achievements of the late 1940’s being taken away step by step.  If the working class does not vote, then the rightwing will always win, as has been the case since 1979 in the UK.

The working class is international movement and we are all brothers and sisters facing a common enemy.  Through rightwing movements such as New Labour, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats, BNP, and UKIP, the working class is being taught to hate itself and to hate others.  It is being destroyed from within by the infestation of greed and self-interest.  The working class rips itself apart due to the rightwing policies aimed at it, whilst the rightwing itself stands by and laughs.  Other working class people are not the enemy – the rightwing perpetuators, and the parties that spawn them are the true enemy.  The working class should rise-up, educate itself and develop a class consciousness that recognises its unique place in the world, and in history.  Despite the set-backs and the oppression, the future belongs to the international working class.

The working class should through off the yoke of bourgeois morality that has no relevance for its future, but only denotes the mechanism of hundreds of years of oppression, torture, and death.  Bourgeois morality is the basis of its oppression and hold over the working class.  The Working class is kept in a state of semi-ignorance so that it is easy to control and keep in its place.  Such ignorance turns the working class against itself, rather than against the bourgeois who are the true enemy.  UKIP is manned by misled members of the working class, (as is the BNP), but both parties are ultimately led by bourgeois individuals who that it is funny to fund and direct such anti-working class movements fuelled entirely through ignorance predicated upon racism.  Say NO to UKIP, say NO to the BNP by voting for political parties that extol policies of true justice and equality for all peoples of the world.


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