A Black Date for Bandera Followers! How Stalin’s NKVD ‘Liquidated’ Ukrainian Nazi War Criminals! By Daniil Bezsonov (Даниил Безсонов) – Analytical Service of Donbass (5.3.2021) 

A huge number of operatives participated in the search for the Nazi – some sources indicate figures of 700-800 personnel. All this is due to the large number of caches and safe houses and apartments used by the Ukrainian Nazis. During the war, Shukhevich was Deputy Commander of the sabotage and terrorist battalion “Nachtigal” of the ‘Catholic’*. At the end of the war, he was the leader of numerous gangs of Ukrainian nationalists. To understand the scale of the crimes of the Ukrainian radicals, it is enough to say that at least 220,000 Poles, more than 400,000 Russian prisoners of war and more than 500,000 civilians of Soviet Ukraine became their victims. Impressive cruelty, isn’t it?