Photographs of Everyday Life in the Soviet Union

In this regard, US Cold War rhetoric maybe convincingly conceived of as a continue of the anti-Communist and racist ideology of Nazi Germany. During the time before the instant communication afforded by the internet, Western people were ‘cut-off’ from the everyday reality of life in the Soviet Union, and had no means to counter the continuous stream of disinformation emanating from the bourgeois-democratic governments they ‘elected’. As a consequence, the capitalist West was kept in a perpetual state of fear, ensuring that the youth of each new generation joined the military to fight the Soviet threat, rather than spend their collective time fermenting a Socialist Revolution.

USSR: Forgive Us Class of 1967 (Soviet Time-Capsule Opened!)

We are sure that in the year 2017, our progressive Institute will represent an even larger and perfect higher educational system in the USSR, training engineers of the 21st century – a century of new scientific discoveries and achievements. Therefore, we are envious of you, our future Comrades. However, you must not be conceited about this, and remember that we, (and our fathers), by labour and sacrifice, have created your great (Soviet) future in which you now live and prosper!