Revolutionary Buddhism Crushes All Political Illusions

A Buddhist – whether monastic or lay – is a true revolutionary committed to uprooting the basis of deluded society in the mind, body and environment. This pragmatic Buddhist approach parallels the Scientific Socialism of Marxist-Engelism and Marxist-Leninism – and Buddhists are advised to study these teachings in all their manifestations (including Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong) as an important step in transforming the modern world for the better.

Tibet is not Palestine

I was recently reading the social media page of a pro-Palestinian blogger (I believe posting from India). He stated that China supports Palestine but then displayed his ignorance by asserting that China is hypocritical due to its occupation of Tibet! As a supporter of Palestine myself, this comment demonstrated to me the bourgeois mind-set of this individual, and his unreliable interpretation of political events from the proletariat perspective.

Islamophobic Racism in the European Wushu Federation

The view from within China is that the European Wushu Federation mentioned in this article is manifesting Eurocentric racism (i.e. Islamophobia) – reminiscent of the racism inflicted upon the Chinese people during the European, colonial era. The Young woman is his article is the victim of Eurocentric racism and a true hero of the correct ‘spirit’ of Chinese martial arts. This situation in many ways demonstrates the existence of implicit and explicit European racism within Chinese martial arts in the West, which misrepresents and denigrates the art.

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