Lush – Racist Golly Wogs in Paignton – Devon (12.8.2017)


‘Lush’ – 38-49 Torbay Road – Paignton

Lush – Torbay Road – Paignton (Devon( UK

Disclaimer: Following further investigation, it has been found that the owners of the (above) shop in question (which will be permanently shutting in around 5 weeks time) routinely share far-rightwing posts on their personal Facebook pages. This includes racist and Islamophobic content drawn from UKIP, EDL and Britain First websites, (as well as similar prejudicial material gathered from other poorly educated and narrow-minded individuals), which is inserted between photographs of children, family events and holidays, etc. For reasons of common decency – I have not included these links on this post. Individuals are free to pursue lawful political paths – and I consider ‘golly wogs’ to be racist and illegal – although I am told this is a grey area. Whatever the case, I am opposed to fascism in any guise and will confront it wherever it arises. ACW (13.8.2017)

A ‘golly wog’ is a racist caricature of an African person – usually a male. It is a ‘White’ prejudicial view of how an enslaved African should be – he should be happy in his servitude and have no intellectual ability. He must have an infantile mind and exist only to serve and to ‘entertain’ his ‘White’ masters (particularly their children). He is servile and yet oddly ‘threatening’ to the White imagination, who give their children ‘dolls’ of this racist nightmare to play with. Black people are presented as a racially inferior being and being ‘golly’ (i.e. ‘joyful’ and ‘accepting’ of their demeaning status). The term ‘wog’ refers to any foreigner of colour who is believed to lack the intelligence of the White race – but the fact that White people still make (and sell) these offensive ‘toys’ just goes to show how ‘un-intelligent’ many White actually people are. I have come across ‘golly wogs’ in a number of shops in Torquay and Paignton (including the famous and otherwise ‘genteel’ Cockington Village) – places where the far-right (and its racism) is very strong. Not so long ago, the Livermead Cliff Hotel was proud to host a conference for the racist UKIP – a hotel that hypocritically plays host to thousands of foreigners each year – and the local ‘Stagecoach’ bus company placed racist UKIP adverts on its buses, whilst Torbay Council allowed UKIP placards to be placed around the town and along the side of the local motorway. Local churches – both protestant and catholic – have advertised both UKIP and BNP on their church billboards as far away as Totnes! As can be gleamed, the Torbay and surrounding area has a major issue with racist attitudes and viewpoints which is not helped by an apathetic local police force – which has in the past took the side of the racist over that of the obvious victim. There is a complete lack of Socialist consciousness in this area and a routine functioning of a ‘false’ consciousness which I will expose through this blog. African people are human-beings and are not racially, morally, intellectually or culturally inferior. Black people ARE NOT ‘golly wogs’!





UKIP Supporting Livermead Cliff Hotel Still Doing Business with Foreigners!


It is said that 24 hours is a long time in politics (and it is), but apparently 3 months obviously is not for the manager of the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  This manager in fact owns a number of hotels in the Torbay area (collectively, and rather pompously known as ‘Best Western’), which the lady used to advertise the politically far-right and racist supporting United Kingdom Independence Party (UKPI).  Of course, tells us something of the lack of moral integrity of this person, and the fact that racism as an ideology is so strong that those who adhere to its fallacious and moronic strictures, would rather pursue destructive economic strategies (by excluding foreign tourists and economic migrants from the UK), whilst simultaneously claiming to be running a business that caters almost exclusively to ‘foreign’ clientele – but then racism has never been known for its logic and reason!

Racist UKIP at Livermead Hotel

Racist UKIP at Livermead Hotel

During run-up to the UK General Election on May 8th earlier this year, the manager of the Livermead Cliff Hotel in Torquay made a fatal decision.  Her decision was to put her business reputation on the line, and allow the racist UKIP to host a conference at the Livermead Cliff Hotel.  Not only this, but the hotel itself openly advertised the event for all to see as they drove or walked past the hotel on a busy main-road.  Indeed, it was a particularly sinister decision on the manager’s part to place the sign for the Hitler-supporting UKIP in front of the Disabled Access ramp – effectively blocking its use!  At hustings and news conferences prior to May the 8th,UKIP candidates routinely quoted passages out of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Sematic, anti-Disabled, and anti-Gay book entitled ‘Mein Kampf’.  When racists take action life this, it is seldom logical or reasonable, but premised and motivated entirely upon the ‘hatred’ of ‘difference’.  Often it is found that Christian fundamentalism lies at the heart of this prejudice (such as that found in the odious so-called ‘Britain First’ delinquency movement).  From a purely objective and psychological perspective, the manager’s decision to ‘block access’ to the Disabled with a UKIP sign speaks volumes!

German Tourist at Livermead

German Tourist at Livermead

Three months since the General Election – what is the situation today?  Well, the hotel whose manager supports the far-right and anti-migrant UKIP is still quite happy to take money from unsuspecting ‘foreign’ tourists who are coached into the area.  These tourists (from all over Europe and the world), bring their hard-earned money into Torbay and unknowingly give it to a hotel manager who then uses it to fund a far-right and racist political party.  The campaign we started in Torbay revealing what the duplicitous Livermead Hotel was doing during the run-up to the General Election, has been very successful considering the general apathy toward, and open support for the far-right that exists in the area.  Many businesses cancelled their accounts with the hotel, and many more individuals stated that they would never stay there again.  Good for them!  The immorality and illogicality of racism must never be allowed to gain the upper-hand and must be checked at every point.


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