NHS Privatisation & Children’s Health

It beggars belief that a young child would be allowed to ‘suffer’ in this manner just so a partly privatised NHS surgery could save itself the expense of a referral. Not only this, but if a child really did contract twelve different illnesses in this timespan, it is unlikely that he or she would survive! Doctors who get paid hundreds of thousands of pounds each year of taxpayer’s money (whilst actively co-operating with the privatisation process) should remember the cardinal rule – ‘Do no harm!’

Post-Soviet Driving in Russia

Individuality is legitimised as the highest (and only) form of freedom, and selfishness is encouraged and rewarded by an uncaring society. Under capitalism, to ‘care’ for others is seen as ‘weak’ and ‘unprofitable’, and when you watch the above video of people being hit, remember that have died or been severely injured because Communism was brought-down, and capitalism took its place. They have in fact died so that others can make unbridled profit out of their deaths.

Uncertainty Matters

This, in effect, is the realised integration of ‘existence’ and ‘non-existence’ in an instant. This would imply that everything exists and does not exist simultaneously – and this includes all notions of ‘god’ and ‘non-god’. Although I am not religious in anyway, I can truthfully state that god exists AND does not exist in equal measure, and that I am disinterested in either view.

Why No England Football Team Flags?

I find it curious that the England national football team is playing the best I have seen it play for decades, and yet whilst walking down my street recently, I see no George Crosses or Union Jacks hanging from the windows that fervently supported St George earlier in the year! Why is this? Could it be that the ‘white’ racists who support the BNP and UKIP, etc, refuse to acknowledge a multicultural England squad simply because of the skin-colour of many of it fine players?

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