Cameron’s Two-Faced Approach Toward Tibet

The XVII Karmapa Lama, for instance, whilst perpetuating the myth of ‘reincarnation’ (a teaching that does not exist within Buddhist philosophy) benefitted from all the advancements of modern Tibetan society – but was contacted by the Dalai Lama’s clique of Lamas in the West, and was persuaded to leave Tibet. In 1999, the XVII Karmapa decided to leave Tibet and he did this in a duplicitous and lying manner by informing his devotees that he was entering a period of silent retreat.

Republican Era Photographic Record of Shenzhen Hakka 1921-1928

These 25 black and white photographs (arranged into 5 categories) depict village life in the Langkou area of Shenzhen, taken over a seven year time period. Shenzhen is situated within South Guangdong province and prior to 1997, existed on the border with the British controlled New Territories and Hong Kong. This general area is renowned for its Hakka populations and this collection of photographs record various aspects of life within a traditional Hakka village.

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