General Election 2015: What Are the UK Workers To Do?

A new grass roots political movement is needed to represent the workers and take the initiative away from Labour and their confidence trick of claiming to represent the workers at each election. If Labour continues to take hard earned money from the workers via union dues – then it has a moral duty to represent those who funds its existence. The fact that Labour continues to take working class money but refuses to represent the workers suggests a very exploitative relationship. This situation has allow a far-right fascist Tory Party to gain power for a second time. This kind of duplicity has cost lives, and will continue to take lives.

Croydon May Day March 3.5.15

The CPB called upon voters to support the local Labour Party candidate in an effort to keep the Tories out of power. Some fellow Comrades did not agree with this policy – as the Labour Party nolonger pursues leftwing policies that represent the workers, but rather policies that pander to middle class sentiment and aspiration.

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