Rightwing Bothering – Chinese in WWI!

What this exchange does, is confirm that the rightwing has a weird tendency of ‘reading’ Marxist-Leninist blogs (probably because Hitler wears thin after awhile), and of trying to use the bullying tactics of racism and dominance at the point of contact, to deliberately misrepresent the ongoing leftwing ‘anti-racism’ project. As far as I am concerned, I will continue to expose these enemies of the working class and defilers of internationalism wherever and whenever they appear.

UK: Rightwing Vigilante Death Squads

These vigilante groups operate from a basic and ignorant political rightwing perspective that is reminiscent of medieval witch hunts. It is important that the rightwing is exposed in this matter, so that the young and the vulnerable can be truly looked after by those qualified to do so, in a manner where the innocent are not hurt. It is the political far-right that must be smashed to stop paedophilia within our society.

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