China’s First Olympic Champion: Crack-Shot – Xu Haifeng (许海峰) – Wins Gold at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics! 

Do you know what year China first participated in the Olympic Games? It was the tenth Olympic Games in 1932 which hosted the first Chinese participants. China’s first Olympic champion, however, was not produced until the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. Chinese marksman – Xu Haifeng – won the Men’s Pistol 60-Round Slow-Firing Championship – and the first gold medal for China! Xu Haifeng was born in 1957 and is from the Ma’anshan City area of Anhui Province. He is also a former Chinese men’s shooting team marksman. He is China’s first athlete to achieve the level of Olympic champion in the history of sports shooting in China! Furthermore, he has also won the World Championships, Asian Games and Asian Championships!  

It is said that when Xu Haifeng was young, he liked playing with toy guns. After graduating from high school, he spent 40 yuan to buy an air gun. Since then, this air gun has become his favourite. He always carries his gun, always wanting to aim at the empty bird’s nest in the distance or the flying insect in the vicinity. His hobby is also his profession and pastime! Then in 1982, Xu Haifeng entered the Anhui shooting training team and became a shooting athlete. He practiced his gun skills despite the heat and cold, and in 1984 he entered the national shooting team. Then, on July 29th of the same year, 27-year-old Xu Haifeng participated in the 23rd Olympic Games and won the Championship, breaking the ‘zero’ gold medals in Chinese Olympic history! 

Glory for China!

In 1995, Xu Haifeng announced his retirement and started teaching full-time as a coach. In 2012, the biographical film “Xu Haifeng’s Gun” (许海峰的枪 – Xu Hai Feng De Qiang) was released, telling the story of his winning glory for the country. Those who are interested can go and see it. The film is directed by Wang Fangfang and stars Li Dongxue, Ma Jing and Na Renhua, etc. 

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