Email: The Tea Ceremony and Its Place in Palliative Care (23.11.2021)

The Offending Article

Every morning, regardless of how early, (possibly 1am onwards), I awake, wash two identical cups and make both myself and Gee a steaming cup of tea! Gee does not like ‘hot’ British tea and so prefers to drink it hours later when it is suitably ‘cooled down’. In fact, when I have lived with ethnic Chinese people in the past, (which is a lot of times – years at a time – in fact), I have found that the morning ‘cuppa’ is something of an anathema to most of them, and only half-heartedly participated in by the rest who seem to ‘feign’ interest to keep the peace. It is ironic, then, that the British obsession for ‘tea’ should come from China! Anyway, I digress. I make two identical cups of tea every morning and take one to my work desk where I begin the day’s labour. The other is left by the kettle for Gee to drink at her leisure. However, when I fetched a glass of water a few hours later yesterday (22.11.2021), I noticed a tea-cup was already in the sink. In transit – I thought that either a) I had absent-mindedly already taken my empty tea-cup out and placed it in the sink, or b) Gee had appeared at some point and drunk her cup of tea in the kitchen whilst I was absorbed in my work and had not noticed (not an uncommon happening). When I returned to my desk, I found my nearly empty tea-cup still ponderously close to the edge of the table and so (in the back of my mind) I opted for ‘b’. A few hours later, as Gee was circumnavigating two children and getting them reading for school (I was in-charge of morale) – I checked to see if she had ‘drunk her tea’ – and she said ‘no’ – and that ‘I hadn’t left a cup out’ for her! What is odd about all of this is that I distinctly remember making two cups of tea and choosing the cup on the left as my own! Are the thought-processes beginning to quietly implode?

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