George Smith Explains a WWII Photograph Featuring the Crew of the HMS Beaumaris Castle (FY 992) – [1945]

The Final Photograph of the HMS Beaumaris Castle (FY 992) Which Docked in Cardiff on the 12.11.1945

Known crew serving aboard HMS Beaumaris Castle (FY 992) – which docked 12.11.1945 in Cardiff (South Wales) with the crew registered on their War Records as still (technically) serving aboard until 27.12.1945. George Smith recalls that the Ship-Wreckers took this final photograph as soon as the ship was safely moored – asking the remaining crew to be it (and then arranging for each to receive a copy). Presumably, this was on November 12th (a Monday) – the day the ship arrived – with the ‘wrecking’ process beginning immediately after. On November 24th, 1945, according to George Smith (and the Press-cuttings), the HMS Beaumaris Castle (FY 992) were being ‘serenaded’ through the streets of Cheltenham – the city that had officially adopted the ship and its crew during WWII!

1) Lieut G Hatton RNR (Skipper) (Front-Row-Centre):

2) Eric Davis – Officers’ Steward (Back-Row-Centre):

3) George Smith – Telegraphist (Front-Row-4th from Left)

4) Arthur Gibson – Seaman (Front-Row-2nd From Right)

5) Arthur Yeatman (Back-Row 1st from Right):

6) John Youngman (Front-Row-3rd from Left):

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