Eric von Daniken and Mental Illness in the Service of Predatory Capitalism!

The Stupidity of Fascist Ideology from Beginning to End!

Eric von Daniken has been a very successful author ever since he started stealing the science fiction ideas of others – and presenting these as ‘original’ ideas of alternative ‘fact’ invented by himself – to be commercially exploited through the mass English-speaking market. Ever since his ‘Chariots of the Gods – Was God An Astronaut?’ in the 1960s – he has developed a steady fan-base. His ‘brand’ has shifted over the years from presenting what some would describe as a ‘plausible’ scientific alternative to that advocated by the mainstream – into that of making ever-more outrageous statements of intolerance and rejection of genuine ‘difference’ and authentic ‘diversity’ as a means to attract interest to his books which now seem jaded, out-of-date, and entirely ‘of another time’! His drive for profit at the expense of common-sense has become an all-consuming pastime for him, and has driven him on into the darkest corners of bourgeois absurdity, hysteria and mal-contentedness. I believe this process has made him psychologically and emotionally imbalanced, or at least compounded the mental issues he already possessed when he first put pen to paper. His approach is thoroughly bourgeois and is represented by a cult-like dictatorship which assures his readers that only he alone truly ‘knows’ and it is all the other nasty dictators that his readers should not give their money to. He obviously dislikes and ridicules the political left in its entirety – whilst only criticising one small (and for him – ‘inconvenient’) aspect of the political right. This is because his opinion represents the broad political far-right – a fact he attempts to disguise through the camouflage of bizarre ideas and outrageous statements! As a committed racist – von Daniken rejects Darwin’s theory of evolution on the grounds that it clashes with (and disproves) his idiotic notion of alien-inspired racial hierarchy. Von Daniken’s racist views have been dealt with elsewhere by a number of writers – but in his 2020 book entitled ‘The Gods Never Left Us’ – von Daniken launches an extraordinary attack upon the progressive left in general – and the transgender movement in-particular. Indeed, in a bigoted tirade against the notions of ‘psychological’ and ‘physical’ gender, von Daniken sounds very much like his German ancestors who supported Adolf Hitler! It is disturbing that books such as these – which are really nothing short than very badly conceived science fiction tomes for Neo-Nazis – should be available to a) the general public, and b) quite often targeted by the publishers at younger audiences without any warning as to the content! Von Daniken’s rhetoric is one of hatred and violence and feeds quite well into many contemporary fascist movements. His words of anti-trans hatred represent the very bigoted attitudes that the LGBTQN+ community has battled against for decades! It is to be hoped that ‘Aliens’ – should they exist – would possess a far more enlightened and universal attitude than that of German fascism which von Daniken himself appears to favour. I would suspect that an advanced alien civilisation would look upon the LGBTQN+ community as being an essential stepping stone for inner and outer human evolution, and not share in any of the ignorant views expressed by the idiotic Eric von Daniken!  

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