Please Help Venerable Sumanjyoti Thero build the Vipassana Meditation Center -Mizoram – Northeast India.

Please help Venerable Sumanjyoti Bhante with your donations to build the Vipassana Meditation Center at Aryagiri Hill. Mizoram is a State in Northeast India.

Dana is the sharing of an open, wise and compassionate mind. Dana is the sharing of time and effort in the service of others. Dana is the sharing of material benefit for the use of others! Please help and assist this project spiritually, physically and materially! Direct you mind, direct your actions and share your wealth (if possible)! Choose your own path with diligence!

An Earnest Dhamma Appeal🙏

Dear Dharma Friend, As requested by a forest monk name as Venerable Suman Jyoti Thero, I am reaching out to you with lot’s of Metta for a generous appeal for DONATION for construction of Aryagiri Vipassana Meditation Center. Bhante is not  active on social media and he only rarely used it.

It is said that through wisdom can the mind be freed from defilements, but Dana is also a prerequisite for meditation, and Samadhi leads to wisely reflection, and wisely reflection leads (together with the power of Samadhi) to wisdom, and wisdom leads to detachment, and detachment leads to awakening.

The subject of this letter presents just such an opportunity and it is for the most worthy of causes-to support a place of worship and cultivation of mind, at Aryagiri Hill situated near Indo-Bangladesh Border in southern Mizoram, India.

In so doing through your generous support make manifest the words of the most basic Buddhist prayer, to support the teachings of the Vipassana Meditation, the remembrance of the Buddha, and the followers of the Buddha.

Establishment and construction of a Vipassana Meditation Center at this remote areas will serve the diverse spiritual needs of all Micro minority chakma Buddhists and non-Buddhists with warmth and spiritual openness. It will also serve as a center to teach and practice the techniques of meditation for the purpose of spiritual development.

The first phase for construction of Buddha  shrine hall and two rooms for the monks have been completed with the generous donations made by various donor’s from different countries.

The second phase will have to be built for the meditation hall and it’s the second floor of the vihara.

So, Please help Bhante to raise funds to build a Vipassana Meditation Center at Aryagiri Hill. I am really compelled to reaching out to you on behalf of Ven. Suman Jyoti Thera in this meritorious deed, to raise funds required to contribution the main building for the Vipassana center.

Bhante live alone in the hill surrounded by deep jungle in search of the ultimate truth.

The contribution will help and in its entirety go towards a new Vipassana Retreat Meditation Center.

By making a donation to your ability, you are indeed lending a hand to continue this precious effort to spread the lucid word of the Lord Gauthama Buddha.

So please help Venerable Sumanjyoti Bhante with your donations to build the Vipassana Meditation Center at Aryagiri Hill.

Let us share the wonderful and rare gift of Dhamma, learn it, understand it, and live

The plan estimate for construction of second floor of the Ariyagiri Vipassana Meditation Center can be sent if required.

Any amount of donation either big or small is heartily accepted.

All the pious Dharma friends are requested to ask for the bank details to send your donation towards building the Vipassana Retreat Center of Bhante Suman Jyoti of Ariyagiri Hill near Bangladesh Border.

May you all have the blessing by the Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha.

Your’s in the Dhamma,
With Metta,
Fundraiser of The Ultimate Truth Preaching Mission (A registered Buddhist Organization based in Mizoram, India)
Volunteer of Aryagiri Vipassana Foundation.
Lunglei District, Mizoram, India.
WhatsApp 91+9612602899

Donation can be sent to the following methods:-

Our PayPal Email–

Our Bank Transfer method-
Account Name: Sudip Chakma
A/c No: 1463104000036962
IFSC: IBKL0001463
MICR: 796259102

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta – May all beings be well, may all beings be happy, may all beings be free from suffering _/\_

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