Email: Serbia’s Anti-EU Protests (10.7.2020)

Author’s Note: The West is colluding with the Serbian Authorities to present the recent protests in Belgrade as being only about the reimposing of Covid10 Lockdown. Serbia following the anti-inellectual lead of the US, ended its Covid19 Lockdown just as the second peak of the illness is developing. This stupid advice arising from the Whitehouse, has led to the avoidable deaths of thousands of people across Europe and North America! The allies of the US (including the UK) has joined America in dubious ‘solidarity’ in its condemnation (and ignoring) of the World Health Organisation (WHO), and has begun playing Russian Roulette with our lives! Anti-intellectual forces in Serbia are protesting the reinstatemet of Covid19 Lockdown – but there is another strand of protest that is being purposely ignored by the Western media and that is a large segment of the Serbian people protesting plans by its own government to ‘join’ the EU! Serbians have been told that to join the EU they must ‘give-up’ their Socialised medical healthcare and Welfare System (switching to the private insurance system as used in the US)! My friend – Gillian – is in Belgrade at the moment and has been keeping me up to date with developments. ACW (10.7.2020)

Dear Gillian

The news builds preferred narratives. I remember the BBC being found guilty of lying about the Miners’ Strike. They showed a piece of film purportedly showing miners attacking the police, and the police retreating – when in fact the BBC had ‘reversed’ the footage in support of Thatcher’s justification for the subsequent police violence! The BBC blamed an unnamed backroom technician for giving the false impression that the miners had attacked the police! You are in Belgrade and see 360 degrees, whereas the news deliberately engineers’ interpretations premised upon ‘snapshots’. What we call ‘infotainment’ where news is just another form of entertainment supposedly linked to the real world. My work with China is exactly the same, I bat-off one-dimensional narratives and replace them with a 360 view. The reason I did not want to clash with you over Serbia is because you looked so happy in your photograph, and I know how hard you work when you’re at the coal-face, that I did not want to upset or imbalance you during your down time. To be honest, I know nothing about Serbia but have enjoyed reading the Russian and Chinese interpretations of its history. In many ways, China is far more sympathetic toward Serbia! Socialist Yugoslavia became rich through using Socialist market forces after WWII, (Western people even went there for holidays and it was the only Communist country to appear in ‘It’s a Knockout’!), and China has used the same principle to build wealth and relieve poverty on a massive scale. The Russian narratives, by way of contrast, tend to treat the Serbs as unruly Slavs who are ungrateful to Mother Russia which has given her everything she has, or something along those lines!  You are happy where you happen to be – on holiday – so all is good. Just be careful with the rioting as things can change in an instant! 


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