Tracking our Package from the Communist Party of China (10.4.2020)

‘Dear Comrade – your package has been slightly delayed due to the COVID19 infection (which has spread worldwide), and the disruption this has caused to the Postal Service in and outside of China. As a consequence, your package is currently in Shanghai awaiting a flight to the UK. Although we are evacuating our citizens from the West due to the level of racist attacks being experienced, these flights are only being allowed one way. We shall keep you informed.’

‘亲爱的同志 – 由于 COVID19 感染(已在全球范围内传播)以及这对中国境内外的邮政服务造成的干扰,您的包裹略有延迟。 因此,您的包裹目前在上海等待飞往英国的航班。

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