Beware the Falun Gong Cult on Instagram! (10.4.2020)

The forces attacking China have increased during the COVID19 Emergency and worldwide pandemic! This is emanating from President Donald Trump and the White House in Washington. It is a policy of hatred and racism disguised as ‘political activism’, designed to bring-down the Communist Pary of China and destroy the Socialist System of that country, using in the most destructive and undemocratic of dishonest methods. Make no mistake, anti-China and anti-Chinese racism are the foundation of US Cold War policy against Communist China. This is the Western Bourgeoisie protecting its class interests from its own workers by brainwashing their minds against China, and against Socialism. Social media in the West is controlled by the US and supports this anti-China policy. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter all curtail pro-China content and encourage anti-China pages, groups and posts. The above is a ‘screenshot’ of one of the pages used by the Falun Gong Cult advertising on Istagram. The Falun Gong Cult is not recognised by any Asian Buddhist School, and in its early days used to claim to be ‘Confucian’, and then ‘Daoist’, until various members were caught drug-dealing, kidnapping children, raping and robbing! Other Falun Gong Cult members have participated in acts of international terrorism and all kinds of violent criminality. Today, having mad a mockery of Conucianism and Daoism – Li Hongzhi – the criminal mastermind behind the Falun Gong Cult – decided to have a stab at pretending to be a ‘Universal Buddha’! All the key Falun Gong Cult members in in luxury in the US and receive regular payments as CIA operatives (as does the 14th Dalai Lama)! If you come across any Falon Gong Cult site, ‘Report’ it for ‘fake news’ and ‘Block’ it for your own safey! Be careful, as these Falun Gong Cult sites tend to ‘hack’ your computer and observe your private residence through the webcam on your computer!

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